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We hope you will feel most welcome in our unique worldwide community of Nikon oriented photographers. Let us give you a small tour.

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There are no dumb questions

We pride ourselves as a friendly community for photographers of all skill levels. Over 70 forums are dedicated to answer your questions.

Which camera model should I pick?

How do I correct this picture?

My camera won't focus. What should I do?

How much should I charge for a wedding?

Will somebody buy my used gear?

How do I speed up my workflow?

Your road to improvement

A large knowledgebase of guides, tips, reviews and more awaits you in our articles and eZine. If you like learning by doing, we offer a large variety of workshops on various topics. Our active community organizes several photographic challenges and contests on monthly, quarterly and annual basis.

Share your passion

Present your best work in your own gallery. Browse your favorite categories and use our gallery app to gather inspiration from photographers from all around the world.

And most importantly:
Build friendships

What's easier than engaging in a conversation with people sharing a common interest with you? On Nikonians you'll meet like-minded people online, in workshops, fieldtrips and local gatherings.

And that's all you need to get started.

However, it's not everything we offer. If you want to see all membership benefits, check out our overview. Or, sign up today for free and start exploring.

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