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Camera Reviews

The Nikon D2X: Real world usage in the hands of a professional


Keywords: nikon, d2x, camera, bodies

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I first got my hands on a D2X body in October 2004. A quick session with the camera revealed Nikon had managed to improve on an already perfect D2H body. Early in January I had a chance to shoot with a production model, and all indications were this was going to be an awesome camera. Noise was no longer an issue, and the image quality was second to none. For anyone currently using a D2H, the transition was going to be very easy.

nikon d2x top view

Nikon D2X


Camera controls are identical, and the menu layout is almost identical. A nice improvement to the menu is an easier to read text, and an additional recent settings menu, that keeps track of the last 10 items you have changed, making common changes easier, and faster. The CF card door modification is an improvement over the D2H. The door now pops open when depressing the button, a true one fingered (or thumb) operation. The door opens a few degrees further, allowing easier access when inserting or removing a card. The modification to the vertical AF-ON button will be a welcome improvement to photographers who are wearing gloves.



The D2X has already changed my shooting habits in less than two months. Due to the quality and size of file that can be delivered, every effort is made to attain an excellent image.

This review will not cover the technical details about the camera. They are available at the various Nikon corporate sites around the world. Instead, this review will concentrate on the areas that have been improved the most, and a users opinion on some new features.




After having comp ared 35mm Velvia 100F Slides, and NEF files from the camera, to includ e making 11x14 prints, the images from the D2X are cleaner, AND sharper! I also compared the D2X image file s to scans from 6x4.5, and they are very comparable. This is the camera that has  finally come closest to convincing me I can drop my need to shoot 35mm film. I  will soon be listing my Medium Format equipment in the classifieds.

Click on the sample image at right to see it from 4,288 x 2,848 pixels, shrunk and slightly cropped to 900 x 600 pixels, that is, less than 1/4 possible size and compressed for relatively fast downloading to 368Kb ->



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Originally written on December 10, 2005

Last updated on October 28, 2016

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