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Going lighter with an FX system
How-to's Travel Stories

Going lighter with an FX system

Rick Walker (walkerr)

There are times when you want, need or should travel lighter, however still making wonderful quality images, not just snapshots. Rick Walker presents us his current solution on occasion of a trip to Paris with his wife. Read more...

20mm f/1.8G AF-S FX Nikkor Review
Lens Reviews

20mm f/1.8G AF-S FX Nikkor Review

Leonard Taupier (Leonard62)

Nikon continues to progress in the design and performance of its lenses as shown here for the newest 20mm lens versus the previous design and the current best Nikon (zoom) lens which can also take a photo at 20mm. It is remarkable, to say the least. Read more...

How to Digitize Your Slide Library with a Nikon FX DSLR

How to Digitize Your Slide Library with a Nikon FX DSLR

Joseph Gamble (JCGamble)

If you ever were in possession of a pre-2002 camera, you have an archive of film negatives or slides collecting dust in a box or binder. You’ve thought about digitizing them but don’t own a scanner and are reluctant to ship them off to an online scanning service. In this article Joseph Gamble explains you how to easily migrate your film archive into a digital state. Read more...

FOV Tables: Field-of-view of lenses by focal length
Camera Reviews Lens Reviews

FOV Tables: Field-of-view of lenses by focal length

Bill Claff (bclaff)

The values for Field of View (FOV) come up frequently enough at the forums that Bill Claff thought a list might be helpful for quick reference. With his handy tables you will never feel confused again. Read more...

In Search of the Perfect Camera
Camera Reviews Lens Reviews How-to's

In Search of the Perfect Camera

Holger Wahl (Holger)

The search for the “perfect camera” is as old as photography itself. When you ask anyone what their opinion is on this topic, you will get as many answers as there are photographers. Your best answer will come from your own head, after you resolve the same issues you would personally be facing when choosing a golf club, cricket bat or tennis racquet.How do plan to use it? What is your ultimate goal? And (most important) How much money can I spend? Read more...

Camera Reviews

FX "Full-Frame" vs. DX Digital Sensor Size

Darrell Young (DigitalDarrell)

The 35mm "Full-Frame" vs. DX size digital sensor controversy is caused by a general lack of "digital sensor" knowledge on the part of many users, and strong marketing propaganda on the part of some sellers. Many camera users haven't investigated the design of lenses and how light must fall on a digital sensor, compared to film. Read more...