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Camera Reviews

In-Depth tech review on the D200

Darrell Young (DigitalDarrell)

Keywords: nikon, d200, camera, bodies

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You've probably been asking yourself recently, "How can I tell if the Nikon D200 digital camera is the one for me?" This technology review attempts to provide you with enough information to make an intelligent purchase decision, by learning in detail about the camera and its systems.

Nikon D200 DSLR




If you've been considering the purchase of the Nikon D200 camera, ask yourself the following searching questions, think about it, and discover your true inclination:

  • Is the 6+ megapixels of the Nikon D50, Nikon D70, and D100 D-SLR insufficient for my needs?
  • Can I afford the $800 to $1200 USD over the cost of those above cameras?
  • Is the Nikon D2x professional camera too large and heavy for me to carry around regularly?
  • Can I afford the $4500 to $5000 USD that the D2x costs?
  • Would I prefer to have a built-in flash?
  • Would I prefer to buy a smaller, less costly professional body and spend the difference on better lenses?
  • Do I need to shoot more than 5-frames per second?
  • Can I afford a camera that has many of the features of the Nikon D2x for only $1699 USD?
  • Is this the camera I have really been waiting for to jump into digital photography?
  • Does the Nikon D200 make my Nikon Acquisition Syndrome (NAS) go into overdrive?

D200 with 18-200mm f/3.5-5.6G IF-ED AF-S DX VR Zoom Nikkor

D200 with 18-200mm f/3.5-5.6G IF-ED AF-S DX VR Zoom Nikkor. Back LCD panel view.

After honestly asking yourself the searching questions above, you may find that, indeed, the Nikon D200 DSLR is the ideal camera. Where else can one find a miniaturized Nikon D2x DSLR at a price more like a top end point & shoot camera? In the next image, please note the comparative sizes of the Nikon D2x, Nikon D200, and Nikon D70. The Nikon D200 camera appears to be only very slightly larger than the Nikon D70s SLR, with many of the features found in the Nikon D2x pro D-SLR. Incredible? ... Yes!

Nikon D2X, Nikon D200, Nikon D70s comparison

Click for larger image

Where the Nikon F5 had its Nikon F100 companion, the Nikon D2x has its Nikon D200. This is Nikon's 11th digital SLR camera with a DX-sized sensor, showing their commitment to the "DX" DSLR. All through the rest of this review, you'll see that I am constantly comparing the D200 to the powerful Nikon D2x, another great Nikon camera with several in-depth reviews at Nikonians. The reason I do this is simple. The Nikon D200 is much closer to a Nikon D2x DSLR in features and power than to a Nikon D70s DSLR. "You would swear it is the little brother to the D2X. Feels much more like an F6, than an F100" said one of our team members. Honestly, I cannot understand how Nikon is able to offer a camera built so well and so powerful, for so little money. I suppose it is because digital technology is finally becoming lower in cost. Soon, digital cameras will cost little more than the film cameras they are replacing.

Nikon D200 contacts, Nikon D200 battery compartment

Click for larger image

Basically, this camera was designed for passionate photographers who want to go beyond basic digital photography while using a smaller bodied, professional level camera. It combines brand-new technologies with many of the creative tools in the professional Nikon D2x DSLR. Do you consider yourself a passionate photographer?

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Originally written on November 28, 2012

Last updated on December 30, 2020


User on March 30, 2015

answered my metering mode questions finally, thanks.

User on January 8, 2015

Nice work Darrell. I own three! It is my go to camera. I am still fine with ten megapixels. ISO reminds of film. Fast lenses mean more to me than they might to those owning newer cameras. I like using a flash as needed too. I like reading your articles and take on my favorite camera. Best regards.

Zita Kemeny (zkemeny) on March 7, 2013

Good review.

Alan Wong (hyphotographer) on December 27, 2012

I have a D7000 and saw a second hand D200 in a shop. Does it worth having at £200 now in 2012? I am thinking about this because it is a professional camera.

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