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I am Nikonians

Robert Brown (RP62) Interview

Marsha Edmunds (meadowlark2)

Keywords: macro, close, up, flora, birds, landscape, arizona, rp62


RP goes by the nickname referring to his given names of Robert Paul as there are approximately 15 Robert Browns at the company where he works. He joined Nikonians in April 2016.  “…I live in Gilbert Arizona, just east of Phoenix. My profession has been aircraft maintenance and engineering over the last 40 years.


Stenocereus gummosus (cactus) macro
Nikon D7200, 200mm f/4 AF Micro Nikkor @ f/11, 1/250sec, ISO 250, tripod
Click for an enlargement


Arizona has numerous photographic opportunities – like the more well-known Grand Canyon and Painted Desert; but there are also hundreds of lesser known but no less beautiful spots. Arizona is unique geologically and has widely varying terrain. There are also many interesting archeological sites. My wife and I feel lucky to live here and we have fallen in love with the Sonoran Desert.”


Manfreda manfreda flower (agave family)
D7200, 18-140mm f/3.5-5.6 Nikkor @ 140 mm, f/8, 1/160sec, ISO 250
Click for an enlargement


RP enjoys mainly the natural world with landscapes, macro photography and shooting flora and fauna.


Opuntia englemannii (prickly pear) flowers
D7200, 18-140mm f/3.5-5.6 Nikkor @ 35 mm, f/10, 1/250sec, ISO 200
Click for an enlargement


Of Nikonians he recalls, “I visited several photography sites when trying to decide on my next camera. Even before deciding, I found myself continually returning to Nikonians because it is a community and I felt more at home here. It’s a great group – a lot of varied experience and willingness to share. Everyone seems to have a good and supportive attitude.”


Opuntia Santa Rita (prickly pear) new growth
D7200, 18-140mm f/3.5-5.6 @ 140mm, f/11, 1/250sec, ISO 400
Click for an enlargement


“I enjoy looking at the pictures others have taken and the associated comments made. It helps me to see what is possible and inspires me to try and improve my own techniques. Plus, it gives a peek into different parts of the world as seen through the eyes of those with similar interests.”


Opuntia ramosissima (pencil cholla) flower with bee
Nikon D7200, 200mm f/4 Micro Nikkor @ f/11, 1/200sec, ISO 400, tripod
Click for an enlargement


By way of advice RP shares, “If you keep reading Darrel Young’s NikoniansPress books you will eventually figure out how to use your camera.”


Immature hummingbird
D7200, 200mm f/4 Micro Nikkor @ f/11, 1/160sec, ISO 400, tripod
Click for an enlargement


In reflecting on an outstanding experience associated with photography RP relates, “A couple of years ago my wife and I had ridden motorcycles up to Canyon de Chelly National Monument in northeast Arizona to take some pictures.  Canyon de Chelly is not as well-known as some of the other Arizona canyons and it’s not really on the way to.… well, anywhere, so needless to say, it’s not very crowded.  In fact, when we were there, we saw no one else at any of the upper rim overlooks except one. As I was getting myself located for a shot I heard some voices not far away.  It was a Navajo grandfather with his two grandsons.  The elder was pointing out various rock formations and telling the boys what they were called in Navajo, explaining the things that happened there and the significance of the names.  I became so absorbed in the stories; I forgot what I was doing and just sat and listened.  Even more amazing to me was the fact that the two boys were actually interested and were glued to every word, as was I. Not once did a cell phone come out.” 


Opuntia stenopatela (prickly pear) flower
D7200, 18-140mm f/3.5-5.6, @ 140 mm, f/11, 1/640sec, ISO 400, tripod
Click for an enlargement


Most members will be familiar with his shots from the desert including unique and fascinating views of cactus.  Once again, welcome RP to the  Nikonians community and we applaud you for your images and your generosity in sharing them.  Looking forward to seeing many more posts in the future.




Originally written on January 25, 2017

Last updated on November 29, 2017

Marsha Edmunds Marsha Edmunds (meadowlark2)

Donor Ribbon awarded for her support to the Fundraising Campaign 2014 Fellow Ribbon awarded for her continuous encouragement and meaningful comments in the spirit of Nikonians. Donor Ribbon awarded for her generous support to the Fundraising Campaign 2015 Ribbon awarded for her generous support to the Fundraising Campaign 2017 Awarded for her in-depth knowledge and high level of skill in several areas.  Awarded for winning in The Best of Nikonians 2019 Photo Contest

Lethbridge, Canada
Team, 13816 posts

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J. Ramon Palacios (jrp) on January 30, 2017

JRP is one of the co-founders, has in-depth knowledge in various areas. Awarded for his contributions for the Resources

Robert, amazed to see flowers and other colors than those of the stones. I have been several times at the Arizona desert and never stopped to look down for the beauty you captured. Thanks for the lesson and thanks for the kudos for Nikonians.

Bo Stahlbrandt (bgs) on January 27, 2017

One of the two c-founders, expert in several areas Awarded for his valuable Nikon product reviews at the Resources

Thanks for sharing your work, RP. Superb.

Roberta Davidson (birdied) on January 27, 2017

Laureate Ribbon awarded for winning in the Best of Nikonians 2013 images Photo Contest

Lovely work ! Flowers are certainly not easy to compose. Birdie

Tom Jacob (sevendayimages) on January 27, 2017

Awarded for his continuous knowledge and images sharing with community members Awarded for his win at the Best of Nikonians 2016 Photo Contest Awarded for his in-depth knowledge and high level of skill in several areas. Awarded for winning in The Best of Nikonians 2019 Photo Contest 
Winner of the Best of Nikonians Photo Contest 2020
This member has gone beyond technical knowledge to show mastery of the art and science of photo Winner in the Best of Nikonians Photo Contest 2021

Another great article and so nice to get to know our community members a bit better. Excellent images Robert, and a great place to be for a nature macro shooter. Looking forward seeing your next pictures and top notch on the story side writing Marsha. Well done :) Cheers,

Ray Heslewood (Hessy) on January 27, 2017

Very nice images Robert, it's a pleasure to have you bringing extra talent to the Nikonians. Ray

David Summers (dm1dave) on January 25, 2017

Awarded for high level knowledge and skills in various areas, most notably in Wildlife and Landscape Writer Ribbon awarded for his excellent article contributions to the Nikonians community Donor Ribbon awarded for his very generous support to the Fundraising Campaign 2015 Ribbon awarded as a member who has gone beyond technical knowledge to show mastery of the art a

Thank you for sharing RP!