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Adobe Digital Workflow

George M (NikonGeorge)

Keywords: software, postprocessing, lightroom, photoshop, adobe, cs2

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Using Adobe Lightroom Beta and Adobe Photoshop CS

This is a free series of 72 articles, divided into separate pages (sections). On this page is the introduction to the series containing, hints, tips, and tutorials on using Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop CS2 to manage and edit your digital photography.

Digital workflow, by my definition, is everything that happens to an image from the moment you see it through your camera's lens to the final delivery on your computer screen or website, as a photographic print, or printed in a magazine, brochure or book.


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Adobe Lightroom (Beta) - on an Apple 30-inch Cinema Display
Baktapur, Nepal © George Mann


This workflow is not meant for wedding or event photographers but rather for advanced amateur photographers and professional illustrative, art, travel, and advertising photographers. Those of us who do on occasion take hundreds of photographs per day but in the end are most interested in getting the best we can out of a select few images.

Wedding and event photographers can at times take thousands of photographs on a given day and they need to present all their images to their clients as quickly as possible. Their motivation and work methods are different from what we are discussing in this series.

The basic steps involved in my Digital Photography Workflow:


a) Capturing the image - this includes setting up the proper parameters in your camera, making decisions about image type, image size, color balance, exposure, focusing, and in-camera image enhancement.

b) Storing the image - for me this is quite simply copying the image from the memory card to one or more hard disk drives and DVDs for archival storage of the original file.

c) Cataloging the image - this is the stage where metadata is added to make it easier to manage your image library. I keep this stage separate from the archival storage stage because it does not necessarily need to store everything you have shot and can be project driven. Cataloging software also changes over time and archival storage has to last forever.

d) Editing the image - there seems to be absolutely no dispute, Adobe Photoshop CS2 is the leader in this field. Editing an image can be as simple as resizing and cropping an image or as complicated as creating a fantasy world out of hundreds of original image files.

e) Cataloging and Archiving the Edited image - it is important to keep a permanent and accessible record of your digital darkroom work without disturbing the original archived images.

f) Presenting, Printing & Distributing images - the final output of all our efforts. Websites, photo albums, archival quality prints, art galleries, online galleries & image banks, newspapers, magazines, books, commercial clients, etc.


All of the articles in this series:

1.- Introduction to Image Capture
2.- Introduction to image storage
3.- Introduction to image cataloging
4.- Introduction to image editing
5.- Introduction to image presentation, printing and distribution
6.- Introduction to Adobe Lightroom Beta
7.- Introduction to Adobe Bridge
8.- Introduction to Adobe DNG Converter
9.- Introduction to Adobe Photoshop CS2
10.- Introduction to Adobe Camera RAW (ACR)
11.- Adobe Lightroom - Library Module
12.- Adobe Lightroom - Develop Module
13.- Adobe Lightroom - Slideshow Module
14.- Adobe Lightroom - Print Module
15.- Adobe Lightroom - Working with the Quick Develop Panel in the Library Module
16.- Adobe Lightroom - Working with the Develop Panel Tools in the Develop Module
17.- Adobe Lightroom - Important Key Commands & Shortcuts
18.- Adobe Lightroom - Importing Files into Lightroom
19.- Adobe Lightroom - Exporting Files out of Lightroom
20.- Adobe Lightroom - Editing an Adobe Lightroom file in Photoshop CS2
21.- Adobe Lightroom - Toggling the Module Panels for a larger image viewing area
22.- Adobe Lightroom - Identity Plate Setup
23.- Adobe Lightroom - Preferences
24.- Adobe Lightroom - Application Menus
25.- Adobe Lightroom - The Five Rules
26.- Adobe Lightroom - Grayscale Mixer
27.- Adobe Lightroom - Tone Curves and Contrasts
28.- Adobe Lightroom - Develop Module - Presets Browser
29.- Adobe Lightroom - Develop Module - Basic Color White Balance Selections
30.- Adobe Lightroom - Develop Module - Split Toning
31.- Solarizing an image in Photoshop CS2 and returning it to Lightroom
32.- Adobe Lightroom - HSL Color Tuning - Hue Settings
33.- Adobe Lightroom - HSL Color Tuning - Saturation Settings 
34.- Adobe Lightroom - HSL Color Tuning - Luminance Settings
35.- Adobe Lightroom - Develop Module - Detail - Sharpen
36.- Adobe Lightroom - Develop Module - Detail - Smooth
37.- Adobe Lightroom - Develop Module - Detail - De-noise
38.- Adobe Lightroom - Develop Module - Lens Corrections - Reduce Fringe
39.- Adobe Lightroom - Develop Module - Lens Corrections - Lens Vignetting
40.- Adobe Lightroom - Develop Module - Camera Calibration
41.- Camera Calibration - Shadows - Tint
42.- Camera Calibration - Red Primary - Hue & Saturation
43.- Camera Calibration - Green Primary - Hue & Saturation
44.- Camera Calibration - Blue Primary - Hue & Saturation
45.- NEW RELEASE - Adobe Lightroom Beta 3 - Lots of changes and even a new Module for web pages
46.- Adobe Lightroom Beta 3 - Develop Module - Before and After preview and History features
47.- Adobe Lightroom Beta 3 - Web Module - Live preview of HTML/Flash web output
48.- Adobe Lightroom Beta 3 - Auto import or Hot Folder for tethered shooting
49.- Adobe Lightroom Beta 3 - Handling of PSD and TIFF image files
50.- Adobe Lightroom Beta 3 - Additional resolution control when exporting photos
51.- Adobe Lightroom Beta 3 - Straighten tool for correcting camera angle issues
52.- Adobe Lightroom Beta 3 - Saved module settings with Collections and Shoots
53.- Adobe Lightroom Beta 3 - Keyword import and export
54.- Adobe Lightroom Beta 3 - RGB Value readouts
55.- Adobe Lightroom Beta 3 - Photo reordering within a Collection
56.- Adobe Lightroom Beta 3 - More refined print options
57.- Adobe Lightroom Beta 3 - Native raw support for new camera models
58.- Adobe Lightroom Beta 3 - How do I feel about the new features?
59.- What would I like to see included in the next version of Adobe Lightroom?
60.- How has my workflow changed since I started using Adobe Lightroom?
61.- Photoshop CS2 - Save for Web - Powered by Image Ready
62.- Photoshop CS2 - Unsharp Mask filter
63.- Photoshop CS2 - The Cloning Tool
64.- Photoshop CS2 - Healing Brush and Spot Healing Brush Tools
65.- Photoshop CS2 - Using the Levels Tool to Control Brigthtness & Contrast
66.- Photoshop CS2 - Controling Tonal Quality with the Curves Tool
67.- Adobe Lightroom Beta 3 - Selecting your Color Space
68.- Adobe Lightroom Beta 3 - The Adobe Labs Forum
69.- Adobe Lightroom Beta 3 - Creating a Quick and Clean Slide Show
70.- Adobe Lightroom Beta 3 - Copy & Paste RAW settings to a group of image files
71.- Adobe Lightroom Beta 3 - Using the Split Screen wIth the Before & After Views
72.- A word of caution about Adobe Lightroom, Digital Negative (DNG) file format, and using Beta software in general.
And ... ... more articles in development on Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop CS2


P.S. Please do not get upset if your personal experience and views are different from my own. These opinions are mine exclusively and do not reflect the views or policies of any of the manufacturers mentioned in these articles ...... George Mann

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Originally written on June 1, 2006

Last updated on January 6, 2021

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