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In This Issue: 20-OCT-2005 
•   Back from the 5th ANPAT
•   Nikonians Photo Insurance
•   First Impressions: Capture One Pro
•   NikoScope - Fast search for Nikonians
•   Book Review: Digital Sports Photography
•   This weeks photograph
Back from the 5th ANPAT
We just got back from the 5th Annual Nikonians Photo Adventure Trip, which JRP and I think turned out just great. The members that participated also seem to have liked it!

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Twenty-four Nikonians from around the world descended on the Black Hills of South Dakota on Sunday, October 9th for five days of photography, socializing, and learning at the 5th ANPAT. Most of us came to South Dakota with no idea of what to expect from the location, but we knew we would have fun regardless of where we were. Despite some inclement weather on the first day of shooting, we were treated to five days of spectacular scenery, abundant wildlife, and the pleasure of meeting other Nikonians in person. We were able to shoot the awe-inspiring rock formations and serene lakes of the Black Hills and Custer State Park, sunrise at Mount Rushmore, and we were even treated to a special trip to the top of the Crazy Horse Memorial, which is normally off-limits to tourists.

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On Wednesday, October 12, we loaded up our vans and headed to Wall, SD, which served as our home base for two days of shooting in Badlands National Park. Many of us who had never seen the Badlands before instantly knew that we'd be planning a return trip in the future. The park had sweeping views of colorful rock and earth formations formed by wind erosion over millions of years.

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In the park, we encountered herds of bighorn sheep, bison, and even some chipmunks! Every location held something special for each Nikonian to master their photographic technique, whether it was landscape composition, or long-lens handling. To make the trip more interesting, participants were treated to special gifts from our sponsors, Nikon USA, Tamrac, Hoodman, Copperhill Images, NAPP and of course, Nikonians. At the farewell dinner, a raffle was held to give away a Tamrac Expedition 7 backpack, two Nikon Coolpix 7600 cameras, and a Streamlight ultra-bright flashlight from Corporate Security Supply. At the end of our week, everyone was tired but confident that they had captured some wonderful images. Thanks again to our trip coordinator, Chad Coppess!

We expect to have the commemorative ANPAT 5 CD ready to ship for Christmas.

Thanks to all of the participants and we hope to see you soon again!

Bo & JRP

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First Impressions: Capture One Pro
Capture One Pro is a software specifically dedicated to handling and editing raw images, with emphasis on raw workflow. Nikonian Neil van Niekerk had the chance to use this software in his daily work as a pro. If you are a digital shooter, and specifically if use a D2X, this review is a must read :-)

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Capture One Review
Book Review: Digital Sports Photography
Digital Sports Photography: Take Winning Shots Everytime" by Serge Timacheff and David Karlins
From the Nikonians book and magazine literature section. By Nikonian Conrad Obregon (Obregon)

The author is the official photographer for the International Fencing Federation. While his own experience is mainly in fencing, he also incorporates the work of other sports photographers in his book, which according to the introduction, is aimed at every photographer except full time professional sports photographers. The book is divided into four main parts. Understanding digital sports photography includes a general introduction, a section about workflow and a discussion of equipment and techniques. Shooting sports on location groups the approach to different sports depending on their venue. Working in the digital studio discusses the requirements for digital processing and processing techniques. A section on presentation talks about everything from printing through earning money from your photographs to legal issues.

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I found the section on shooting sports on location the most useful. For example you can turn to the chapter on indoor competition sports and find a number of hints that may prove useful in such a venue.

Unfortunately, other parts of the book are less useful. While the author is undoubtedly a good photographer, his organizational skills as a writer are weak. He will repeat the same advice over and over. For example on a single page he will ask “What if you inadvertently click the wrong setting and delete all the photos..?” and then a few sentences later say “Don’t be in a hurry. More than one photographer has deleted a card without meaning to.…”

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He often gives wrong advice. For example, he states that you cannot upgrade from Photoshop Elements to the full blown Photoshop. Yet for some time now, and as of the date of this writing, Adobe has given a $100 discount to Photoshop Elements owners on the purchase of Photoshop. He also gives contradictory advice. On one page he recommends establishing a digital darkroom with “a good-quality monitor, preferably the CRT kind, not an LCD display.” A few pages later he says “a good quality LCD will be perfectly sufficient.”

His discussion of digital processing could have been limited to a discussion of some of the possibilities of Photoshop. Instead he provides just enough instruction to confuse any would-be user.

But the biggest problem is that he leaves out the discussion of factors that are important to new digital photographers. For example, one of the tools that separates film from digital in the control of exposure is the in-camera histogram. Yet there is no mention of the facility until the chapter on darkroom processing and then it is given short shrift.

For another example, digital cameras shoot in various formats like Raw and JPEG, which is not as flexible for post-processing as Raw but creates smaller picture files. Digital cameras store picture files in a buffer before they write the data to a memory card. When the buffer is full, the camera will not take a photograph. For this reason sports photographers, who often shoot in long bursts, prefer JPEG so that they can store more pictures in the buffer. Timacheff does not even suggest that this might be a reason for selecting JPEG over Raw.

If you purchase this book for the tips on shooting in sports locations, you may find it useful. Otherwise, you will probably be disappointed.

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Digital Sports Photography
Nikonians Photo Insurance
We are starting with our insurance program 07-NOV-2005. We will have four levels of the insurance based upon the total amount of insured photo gear:

  • 0-5,000 USD
    premium is 150 USD per year (3%)
  • 5,001-7,500 USD
    premium is 190 USD per year (2.53%)
  • 7,501-10,000 USD
    premium is 225 USD per year (2.25%)
  • 10,001-20,000 USD
    premium is 400 USD per year (2%)

Read more about our insurance

Nikonians Photo Insurance
NikoScope - Fast search for Nikonians
The Nikonians Search Engine dubbed "NikoScope" is now officially online at NikoScope.com. We are still in a beta phase, so the search portal will not be online at all times. The index we are using for the results is currently updated twice a week.

You can now use NikoScope to search our forums and you can search for both archived and non-archived topics. Furthermore, you can search on specific authors or only select the most popular postings.

If you have any feedback on the search engine, feel free to write the guys and gals in the development at:
feedback-nikoscope (at) nikonians (dot) org

Enjoy & thanks to all paying members and the ones of you who buy your photo gear and merchandise in the Nikonians Pro Shop, making it possible for us to develop new functionality!

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Nikonians new search portal in BETA
This weeks photograph
Moros y Christianos 3 by Stefan Maurer (nafets)

Some of the comments by the judges include:
"Very well done, I like the not quite so posed look, could definitely be in National Geographic." and "I agree, this is very NG-like. Great lighting and skin tone, the unposed look has a very relaxed and natural look."

Congratulations, Stefan!

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Moros y Christianos 3 by Stefan Maurer (nafets)
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