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In This Issue: 02-OCT-2005 
•   Thank you all
•   Events and Exhibitions
•   Bird migration challenge
•   Nikonians meetings
•   Book Review: Nikon D70 Digital Field Guide
•   This weeks photograph
Thank you all
As we are getting ready for the 5th ANPAT coming week, the digital revolution tank keeps on rolling at a fast pace and nothing is going to stop it in its tracks. We have seen several corporations shot sunk the last months: Agfaphoto and Leica out of Germany being two examples. A few days ago Kodak announced the split of the digital and film units into two separate business entities, while promising us better times in 2008, the year the colossus schedules to be on target with soaring profits.

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Yes, digital is really thriving and that we also see in Nikonians forums. With many hundreds of postings per day we Nikonians are very active - No matter if it concerns film or digital. And it doesn't matter if you are a film consumer or battery discharger; as long as you do not trade your F4 or D2X for a mobile camera phone you will need lenses. Our Nikkor forum proves this is true, hosting many good, and sometimes heated discussions around our lenses. And of course, one of the best reasons for buying a Nikon is Nikkor :-)

A similar revolution is seen in publishing, where blogs and podcasts are making their way into areas previously owned by traditional offline media corporations. Content has always been king at Nikonians and we are happy to announce that our publishing efforts are gaining further momentum, now with the additional support of vocal members who have signed up for the Nikonians Writers Guild, a team authoring quality content for the community.

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We also have new podcasts with interesting professionals in the making and you should be able to "hear them out" in the coming months. Our Chief News Editor Armando J. Heredia (Covey22) is managing our blog and news system and if you haven't subscribed to our RSS newsfeed, we suggest you'd give it a try at blog.nikonians.org - Fresh, and hopefully relevant news on your desktop and that more or less every day :-)

Throughout these first five years of our existence, we have received a lot of feedback, a majority being very positive, but also some critical voices have been raised. We've listened to this feedback and we've adapt. A community is like a living organism and Nikonians is not different; it is a "work in progress". Our main intention from the very beginning and what we see today, was to achieve a friendly community where members help each other, learn from each other, where there are no silly brand wars going on and where real information is exchanged. Together we have succeeded very well reaching this goal.

Quite a number of you, our members, are on a paid membership level and this helps a lot. To be exact, out of 36,000 registered members, 5.8% have bought a membership this year, thereby helping out to cover for a part of the community's operational costs. 85% of these being Silver level memberships. It is a terrific support and we are working right now providing long awaited, additional functionality for you and some good things are due out Q4!

One of the main problems communities like ours often have is a constant insufficiency of cash flow to sustain growth at high rates like ours. Thanks to the support from paying members, from the customers in the community shop and the advertising revenue from our sponsors, we are able to keep Nikonians up and running and to add functionality.

Our software engineering is still understaffed though and it is our goal to employ an additional, full time staff member for the numerous tasks ahead in Q1-2006. This is only possible with the continuous support from each and everyone, so please make sure you upgrade your membership, that you buy items in the community shop and that you visit our sponsors. As you can see in the figures above, there is still a lot of potential for paid membership growth.

If you are reading the Nikonians resources and forums, please make sure you register. And even better, make sure you register for a Silver, Gold or Platinum membership :-)

As always, thanks to all of you making Nikonians possible!
Bo & JRP

Upgrade your membership today - It helps us help you!

The Nikonians Team - Keeping the community operational and an interesting place to be at
Bird migration challenge
Nikonian Philippe Clément (photophil) has a very nice challenge for you this month. In the northern hemisphere, bird migrations are going on, so when you look up in the sky there are a lot of them to be seen. The picture to the right was taken by photophil using an F6 and a 200-400/4.

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Before going out taking photographs and maybe participating in the challenge, you may want to get up-to-speed with our tips and tricks section. Especially interesting if you are using a DSLR.

Participate in photophil's challenge

By photophil
Book Review: Nikon D70 Digital Field Guide
Nikon D70 Digital Field Guide by David D. Busch
From the Nikonians book and magazine literature section. By Nikonian Conrad Obregon (Obregon)

The manuals that accompany new digital cameras are packed with information on every single feature of the camera. Unfortunately, the feature by feature presentation doesn’t do much to show you how to use the camera to take good pictures. This book aims at that target for the Nikon D70 digital camera.

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The book provides a quick start up guide and then a more detailed list of the D70’s features that is something like the presentation in the manual, i.e., descriptive without being too functional unless you know what you want to achieve. But once the introduction is over, there is information on photography basics like exposure, depth of field, the use of artificial light, focusing modes and lens selection.

The second half of the book discusses photo subjects, like architectural photography, flower and plant photography, and street life photography. Each of these sections offers some general ideas on the subject and presents a picture taken by the author. The author discusses his consideration of setup, lighting, lens, etc. in taking the picture.

This book aims at people who are converting from a point-and-shoot camera to a D70, and I suppose it may do as an introductory text. But no one should think that this book is going to make him or her a very competent digital photographer. This is because the discussion of the D70’s features is superficial at best. For example the discussion of focusing indicates there are two autofocus modes, single servo and continuous servo, but never really explains when the photographer might select one over the other.

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Similarly when the author describes the menu preferences, he never really tells you when each of the preferences might be useful. Moreover, he doesn’t even discuss some of the critical menu items. While the D70 is not Nikon’s most expensive camera it still is not inexpensive. Someone buying this camera will want to know how to get the most out of it. For example, most serious digital camera users will probably want to use the raw format occasionally. I expected a comparison of the raw format to the JPEG format. There was none. I also expected some discussion of the settings for sharpness, color mode, and similar settings available under the “optimize image” setting. Again there was none.

Occasionally I was confused by references by the author like “Adobe Elements 4.0”. Busch is way ahead of Adobe on this one, since they are only selling Elements 3.0

If you are one of those photographers making the transition from a point and shoot camera to a D70, the book may help you ease the transition. But to really use the capabilities of this camera you will have to do a lot of other research.

You find more of Nikonian Conrad Obregon's reviews in our book and magazine section

Order this book from Amazon

Nikon D70 Digital Field Guide by David D. Busch
Events and Exhibitions
The 5th Annual Nikonians Photo Adventure Tour
09-Oct-2005 to 15-Oct-2005
South Dakota, USA

"Things As They Are" - Amsterdam, Netherlands
Photojournalism in Context since 1955.
08-Oct-2005 to 07-Dec-2005.
Major exhibition about the history of press photography, in celebration of the 50th anniversary of World Press Photo.
foam Fotografiemuseum
Amsterdam, Netherland
Info at http://www.foam.nl

"Seeing the Unseen" - Naples, Florida
The Photographs of Harold E. Edgerton
09-Oct-2005 to 23-Dec-2005
Iconic photographs by Harold Edgerton, the pioneer of stroboscopic stop-action photography, that captured a fascinating world imperceptible to the human eye.
Naples Museum of Art
The Phil Galleries
5833 Pelican Bay Boulevard
Naples, Florida
Info at http://www.thephil.org

"Andre Kertesz" - New York, New York
16-Sep-2005 to 27-Nov-2005
A comprehensive overview of the rich and varied works of Andre Kertesz.
International Center of Photography
New York, New York
Info at http://www.icp.org

"How Photography Changed People's Viewpoint" - Tokyo, Japan
10th Anniversary Commemorative Exhibition.
17-Sep-2005 to 06-Nov-2005
Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography
Exhibition Gallery, 3F
1-13-3 Mita Meguro-ku
Tokyo, Japan
Info at http://www.syabi.com/english/index_eng.html

"A Tribute to Bill Brandt" - Paris, France
21-Sep-2005 to 18-Dec-2005
A rare collection of vintage prints by the great photographer Bill Brandt, the first time that this prestigious collection is exhibited in France.
Fondation Henri Cartier-Bresson
2, impasse Lebouis
75014 Paris
Info at http://www.henricartierbresson.org/index_en.htm

"Intimations" - Victoria, Australia
Photographs by Gordon Undy
05-Oct-2005 to 23-Oct-2005
An exhibition of the works of this acknowledged master of Australian landscape photography.
Gold Street Studios
80 Glod Street
Collingwood, Victoria
Info at http://www.goldstreetstudios.com.au/GordonUndyIn.htm

Stay up to date with our calendar

Things as they are - foam.nl
Nikonians meetings
December meeting in Europe
It might feel strange to think about a Christmas meeting this early, but we need some lead time so here goes...
For December 3rd, we are going to meet for a one day conference in Brussels. Why Brussels? Because it is the most central location for our members in Europe. For our many US Nikonians, you are most welcome too, even though if you have to cross the puddle!

The basic idea is to meet Saturday for a nice get together, exchanging ideas, showing off our work, listening to some interesting photographers getting tips and hints, to have a "gear fumbling" area with some good stuff and maybe more.

Location: Brussels, Belgium
Date: Saturday 03-Dec-2005
Duration: One full day together, starting at 10:00h - finishing in the evening, 18:00h or later

Hope to see you there!

Nikonians Meet
Nikonians in the Oklahoma, Texas, Kansas, Missouri, Arkansas area interested in getting together in Tulsa?

If you are in Carmel

Interested in meeting other Nikonians in Australia?

Interested in meeting other Nikonians in South Africa?

If you are in Albuquerque, NM or plan to go the for the Hot Air Balloon Festival

If you want to come to the Brussels meeting, please say so here

Gear fumbling at the 2003 meeting
This weeks photograph
brothers II by Nikonian Sonia Macak (bohemiansoul)

We have a rotation of judges who select an image from the member galleries each week based on whatever the judges happen to like, whatever catches their eyes. Well, Sonia apparently has what it takes to appeal to a wide range of judges since she has won the POTW a number of times, including last week.

The winning image is called "brothers II" and the judges appreciated both the contrast in tonal range but the contrast in subject matter as well. One brother engages the viewer while the other seems quite unconcerned and occupied in his own pursuits. Both are intriguing to the viewer. Composition, timing and exposure come together to produce an excellent image.

Congratulations on your work Sonia.

See member's sites in our webring
Have you visited our webring recently? It contains many good, private websites ran by our members. You find it here:

Visit the weekly photo winner forum and get inspired!

brothers II by Nikonian Sonia Macak (bohemiansoul)
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