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In This Issue: 11-SEP-2005 
•   Nikonians winning in several contests
•   From the Forums
•   Book Review: Landscape Within
Nikonians winning in several contests
It is a sad anniversary today and a lot has changed around the world, influencing our lives after the terror attack September 11th 2001. But, life goes on and many of us have been very active with our Nikon cameras, resulting in several members receiving well earned attention in various contests.

The panorama to the right by Nikonians Team Member Ernesto Santos was chosen the Winner in the Creative Digital category of the 2005 Nature's Best Photography Awards competition. Only 130 photographs were chosen from more than 14,000 images submitted this year.

The photograph will appear in the Awards Special Edition of Nature's Best Photography magazine, which hits newsstands in mid-October. Or congratulations Ernesto!

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Congratulations also to Bob Johnson, founding member of the Nikonians Writers Guild, Highly Honored Winner in the Landscapes category of the 2005 Nature's Best Photography Awards competition.

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Last but not least, our congratulations go out to Nikonian Marsel van Oosten who've won First Prize in the Advertising Category of the 2005 International Photography Awards (IPA) He also won four Honorable Mentions in the Landscape Category, the Trees Category, the Wildlife Category and the Digitally Enhanced Category. Very well done Marsel!

PhotoPlus Expo
The PhotoPlus Expo will be held in NYC October 20-22. Several companies there will help spread the word about Nikonians, distributing our flyers and vouchers. If you have the chance, this exhibition should be well worth visiting. More info on this soon.

Bo & JRP

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Ernesto Santos Panorama
From the Forums
If you are into shooting club, stage or nightlife in general, come over and have a look at the Stage, Clubs, Concerts and Nightlife forum. The shot to the right was taken by Nikonian Ryan Marshall (RyanM) in Glastonbury.

Also, why don't you include a shot or two yourself in the forum.

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By Nikonian RyanM
Book Review: Landscape Within
Landscape Within: Insights and Inspiration for Photographers by David Ward
From the Nikonians book and magazine literature section. By Nikonian Conrad Obregon (Obregon)

Even though this book has weaknesses, I feel that it's an important book for any advanced landscape photographer to read, and perhaps other advanced photographers as well.

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The book has two different parts that are only vaguely related. One part is a collection of Ward's landscape photographs. The other is a philosophical examination of creativity and vision in landscape photography. It is this series of essays that I find most intriguing.

The author initially discusses the nature of photographs; that they are not real and that they capture time. He suggest that while most landscape photographers are interested in the grand vistas, most might be better served by concentrating on the intimate landscape because there are more opportunities there for discovery. He also suggest that one of the best procedures one can follow in landscape photography is to go slowly and delay taking the photograph as long as possible to let your vision crystallize. Eventually the author takes a semiotic approach to landscape photography. (Semiotics is the study of signs and symbols as means of communication.) Ward notes the importance of realizing both the connotation and denotation of photographs as signs or symbols. Along the way, Ward provides a history of landscape photography, with particular emphasis on developments relating to creativity and vision.

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One of the main problems of Ward's essays is that they never do reveal to us what the nature of photographic vision and creativity is. That may be because this is something unknowable and ineffable. Yet thinking around the edges of these profound ideas may help the photographer to develop them, and that makes this book worth reading.

It's a sign of the difficulty of the subject that I often felt Ward had not made the right choices in the design of his book such as leaving the discussion of how we perceive things to the last rather then presenting it in the beginning of the book.

Turning to Ward's pictures, which are scattered throughout the book, they are terrific. They demonstrate a vision and beauty we could all emulate. I have said elsewhere that editors feel that books of great pictures do not sell, and so they ask great photographers to write "how to" books. That conclusion was too focused. Books of great pictures do sell, provided that the pictures tell a story, or that there is a synergistic effect in the way that the pictures are presented. But Ward seems to reject that approach. Although quotes from the text appear alongside his pictures, the pictures do not illustrate the text, except in the broadest possible way. And Ward refuses to provide technical data on his pictures, saying this is a "why book", not a "how to book". He seems to be challenging the reader to construct his or her own book!

The bottom line on this book is that there seems to be no silver bullet for creativity and vision. Perhaps the author should have called this a workbook, because even after reading the stimulating ideas, one will have to do plenty of psychological and, dare I say, spiritual work to develop the landscape within.

You find more of Nikonian Conrad Obregon's reviews in our book and magazine section

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Landscape Within by David Ward
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