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In This Issue: 29-AUG-2005 
•   Waiting for the D200
•   News Bits
•   Nikonians Apparel
•   Book Review: Sell and Resell your photos...
Waiting for the D200
The Nikon D200 is under way and it seems like we're going to see it hitting the shelves soon. There are speculations on an official announcement in the coming month. Anticipating this new body, you may want to join other Nikonians who are also eagerly awaiting to get their hands on this new camera in our D200 Users Group. Btw, the photo to the right is called Sharp-Shinned Hawk Eating a Dove, taken by Nikonian Richard Kitchen (richmk) with his D70.

New: DxO Optics Pro 3.0 supports Nikon D50!

Try for free DxO Optics Pro’s automatic corrections on your own images (RAW & JPEG). Enjoy the new features: DxO Lighting and DxO Noise. www.dxo.com

35,000 Nikonians
Last week we crossed the 35,000 member barrier: Thanks to all of our members who are making Nikonians what it is! We never anticipated that the community would reach this size and that we'd see so much interaction between members all over the world. To all of our many readers and lurkers who have not registered yet - please make sure you do so :-)

Last call
August 31st is the last day to register for this years ANPAT. We have most slots filled, but there are a few left. If you're interested in practising wildlife and landscapes, make sure you join this happy crowd :-) We're looking forward seeing you in South Dakota.

Bo & JRP

Visit the Nikonians D200 Users Group

Sharp-Shinned Hawk eating a Dove
Nikonians Apparel
If you've been to Nikonians homepage, then you probably have seen the Nikonians hyperfocal T-shirt. Available in men's and women's shirts, for both digital and film formats and for either feet or meters.

Capture One RAW workflow for professionals, who appreciate state-of-the-art image quality and workflow efficiency. RAW support: D2X / D1X / D2Hs / D2H / D1H / D100 / D70s / D70 / D50.
Free trial available at www.phaseone.com

Nikonians and Cafepress have teamed up to bring you a variety of products including:

  • Nikonians Messenger Bag
  • Nikonians Tote Bag
  • Nikonians Photo Journal
  • Nikonians mousepads
  • Nikonian Anniversary large mug
  • Nikonian magnets (10-pack)
  • Nikonian stickers rectangular and oval

Of course you shouldn't miss out on the Nikonians Pro Strap if you want an excellent camera strap coming with a Nikonians touch. This is an OP/TECH Pro Strap with 3/8" webbed connectors. If you want to order additional "webbed connectors" to put on your second or third camera body, or if you rather want "loop connectors" to your strap, get in touch with Nikonians pro shop.

Support Nikonians - Check out Nikonians apparel

Nikonians Hyperfocal T-Shirt
Book Review: Sell and Resell your photos...
Sell & Resell Your Photos: Learn How to Sell Your Pictures Worldwide" by Rohn Engh
From the Nikonians book and magazine literature section. By Nikonian Conrad Obregon (Obregon)

Sometimes it's hard to write a review because the author's style is so grating that even though he has a lot of useful information, you dislike the book and wonder if you can be fair. After thinking about this book for some time, I think I can be fair.

Engh's basic point is that a photographer who wants to make money with his photographs will sell from stock to markets that are not competitive. He then tells the aspiring stock photographer how to determine what those markets are, how to find the photo buyers in those markets and how to deal with those buyers to get your stock photographs sold. Although I'm not a stock photographer most of the steps he advises have a ring of truth to them and agree with what the stock photographers I know tell me.

But if you are interested in "landscapes, birds, scenics, insects, plants, wildflowers, major pro sports, silhouettes, experimental photography, artistic subjects, (such as the "art" photography in photography magazines), abstracts (such as those seen in photo-art magazines and salons), popular travel spots, monuments, landmarks, historic sites, cute animals" Engh says forget about them. Well, maybe that's too strong. He says when you put those areas on the back burner, "you'll stop wasting time, film, postage, and materials." When I came to this advice, I almost put the book down, because it was clear that Engh wasn't talking to me. Most people take photographs because they are interested in some subject matter or approach and not just to make money.

I also was disturbed by how often in the book the author shilled for his company and web-site, where, he says, useful information is available. It may be, but it appears it's always for a price.

In summary, if all you want to do is make money with your camera, without joy or pleasure, this book may be for you.

You find more of Nikonian Conrad Obregon's reviews in our book and magazine section

Order this book from Amazon

Sell & Resell your Photos by Rohn Engh
News Bits
D100 + Lasers = Macro
An enterprising Nikonian from Belgium has built a luggable macro rig that can photograph flying insects based upon laser triggers. The beautiful macro photograph to the right "After the Rain" was taken by Nikonian Isaac Brooks (21i20b) with his D100, not using the mentioned rig. More about the rig at the users personal home page.

Neat Image - noise reduction for professionals
Reduces high-ISO noise, grain, compression artifacts.
Indispensable in low-light (night, indoors) and high-speed (sport, action) photography. New: faster processing, better noise reduction. www.neatimage.com.

Astronaut Discovers Artistic Side While in Orbit
During his six month tour on the International Space Station, Commander Leroy Chiao took more than 24,000 photographs of various locations on the Earth's surface. But like any photographer, he had his challenges, even while occupying what must be the best scenic view currently available. More

Capture 4.3.1 Update Released
Nikon has released a 4.3.1 update to the Capture RAW editing and camera control program. More

Tripod Maker Inaugrates Photo School
Manfrotto has launched an online photo school designed to help novice photographers get the most out of their tripod and other camera-stabilizing equipment. More at Manfrotto

JavaScript actions for CS/CS2 at Nikonians
The winner for the "Hint/Tip of the Month" for July is Rags Gardner (ragsgardner) of Euless, Texas. Rags authored automated JavaScript actions for Photoshop CS/CS2 that updates Info panels, resizes images, and adds logo and text layers. Congratulations Rags! More

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After the Rain by Nikonian Isaac Brooks (21i20b)
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