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In This Issue: 24-JUL-2005 
•   Getting ready for October
•   Shooting the Moon
•   News Bits
•   Events and Exhibitions
•   Book review: A Comprehensive Guide to Digital...
Getting ready for October
We are now slowly getting settled for the field event of the year, this time we're going to South Dakota between October 9th to 13th.

Amongst others we're visiting Mount Rushmore National Memorial, Custer State Park, Wind Cave National Park, Badlands National Park and Iron Mountain Road.

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On this trip, you get the chance to shoot autumn scenics: Needles, granite spires, tunnels, pigtail bridges, massive rock carvings, landscapes, sunrises & sunsets. For wildlife there are mountain goats, antelope, bison, bighorn sheep and prairie dogs, not to mention moon-like landscapes.

As always on our annual trips, we have a lot of fun together, sharing, learning and just enjoying the good spirit being out in the nature!

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It is now possible to reserve your seat. As always, it is first come, first serve. More details at Nikonians.

More about the trip

Nikonians 5th ANPAT - Badlands, South Dakota
News Bits
Nikon and the WT-2A go racing
Over the last months Nikonian Victor Newman (vfnewman) has been working with the WT-2A wireless transmitter at the Virginia International Raceway. He has been using different antennas to extend the range.
More at Nikonians

DxO Optics Pro v3.0 now available. Try it for FREE. The software automatically corrects your images (RAW and JPEG). NEW: DxO Lighting, DxO Noise and support for D2x and D70s! www.dxo.com

Nikon Photo Contest with Nikonian winner
Nikon have announced the winners of the Nikon Photo Contest International 2004 - 2005. From over 30,000 entries, a select few have made the winner's list. Among them is Nikonian Ron Green (rbtreen2) who took a third place in the Art category - congratulations Ron!
More information at Nikon Imaging

Ilford resumes shipping B&W chemistry
Following a management buy-out of the UK based black & white paper and chemistry business, Ilford has resumed shipments of its black & white chemistry.
More at Ilford.com

FotoStation special upgrade offer! If you received a FotoStation when buying your Nikon camera, this is your chance to upgrade to the professional level with FotoStation Pro at https://www.fotoware.com/Shop

Nikonians Reference Library
Our Reference Library now also contains educational material and reference documents from Wacom.
Nikonians Reference Library

Mount Rushmore Monument gets a cleaning
As if to get ready for the 5th Annual Nikonians Photo Adventure Trip, a cleaning job of monumental proportions has started at one of the main sites to be visited by Nikonians this coming October.
More at Nikonians News

Pixel Outpost creates photo enlargements on artist canvas and fine art paper. Make your special photos into pieces of art and prints up to 60" (150cm).  It is easy, fast and inexpensive.

Microsoft launches Digital Images Suite 2006
Microsoft announced the launch of Digital Images Suite 2006, a collection of tools designed to help organize, edit, enhance and share their digital photos and movies. Enhancements include RAW camera file support, simultaneous movie and photo management, Intuitive Crop and integration with mobile devices.
More details at Microsoft

Adobe releases Bridge 1.0.2 for Photoshop CS2
Adobe Bridge, the navigational control center is now available in version 1.0.2, offering increased stability and speed as well as several enhancements including a right click cut/copy and paste.
Download it for MS-Windows here

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WT-2A goes racing
Book review: A Comprehensive Guide to Digital...
A Comprehensive Guide to Digital Landscape Photography by John Clements. From the Nikonians book and magazine literature section. By Nikonian Conrad Obregon (Obregon)

This is a hard book to get your mind around. It is so obviously well intentioned and aims at filling a real need. After all, digital media does offer tools to landscape and other photographers and has limitations that film doesn't have.

Moreover, the publishers, in this and other books in their photography series, have come up with a different approach to teaching photography. The usual approach has been to have a narrative about some aspect of photography and then to provide examples, with each part building on the material previously presented. The AVA books instead start with a picture and then try to show the decisions and processes that the photographer used to get the final product. But they've gone even further imposing a strict graphic format for each subject. They start with a relevant quotation from the photographer. Then across a two-page spread, that includes the photograph, they give general tips. Down the left hand of the spread a flow chart of the photographer’s actions is provided from capturing the image to creating an ink jet print. The author divides the brief discussion of the picture into three sections entitled shoot, enhance and enjoy.

The problem for me was that the digital process was not developed coherently. Rather, the entire process was set forth again and again and again. But as it was set forth it never described the steps taken in anything but the most general way. If one is an advanced photographer and already knows what is involved, the picture and spread might serve as an idea book. But if that was the author's purpose, it might have helped to discuss where the photographer's ideas came from.

In addition, many of the pictures were composites or involved extreme manipulation of the image, such as by twisting it around. My guess is that the average landscape photographer is not interested in surrealism but wants to know how he can make a picture that he took look more like what he envisioned at the time of capture.

This book also gave me the impression that it was designed to provide its audience with small bits and pieces, as if that audience would be unable to grasp some larger, more comprehensive view.

For some one interested in learning about digital photography, this book is not the place to start. Instead I would suggest something like Photoshop CS2 Workflow by Tim Grey, or if one wanted a tutorial approach, Barry Haynes' Photoshop Artistry book.

You find more of Nikonian Conrad Obregon's reviews in our book and magazine section

Order this book from Amazon

A Comprehensive Guide to Digital Landscape Photography
Shooting the Moon
Shooting the moon can be cumbersome sometimes. One member was not really happy about the results he achieved with his D2X. Read the advice he got from helpful members and see the good photographs.

How to shoot the moon

More info on how to shoot the moon
Events and Exhibitions
18-May-05 to 18-Sep-05
Atelier David Adamson - Paris, France
Exhibit of the works of one of the pioneers of digital printing.
Maison Europeenne de la Photographie, Paris, France

21-May-05 to 29-Aug-05
"Skin of the Nation"
Retrospective of Japan's pre-eminent post-war photographer.
Corcoran Gallery of Art, Washington, DC

24-May-05 to 21-Aug-05
"All the Mighty World: The Photographs of Roger Fenton, 1852-1860"
Exhibit of the works of one of the most celebrated and influential photographers in England during the golden age of the medium in the 1850's.
The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, NY

06-Aug-05 to 23-Oct-05
First major retrospective of the works of the legendary Henri Cartier-Bresson since his death in 2004, and the largest ever displayed in Britain.
Dean Gallery, National Galleries of Scotland, Edinburgh, Scotland

28-Aug-05 to 30-Oct-05
"American Classics"
Exhibit comparing and contrasting the works of these two photographic icons of American rural life from two different eras - Evans in the 1930's and Christenberry in the 1960's.
Museum fur Photographie, Braunschweig, Germany

13-Oct-05 to 17-Oct-05
The 2nd Nikonians European Wildlife Workshop
Learn the basics of wildlife photography with fellow Nikonians, and try out the latest Nikon Pro bodies, Nikkor super-telephoto lenses, and Gitzo Pro tripods. This is a great opportunity for nature photographers of all skill levels to learn in a wildlife setting with Nikonian Claus Brandt. Cut-off date for registration is 28-Aug-05

See also our Calendar Contribution Forum

Dean Gallery, Scottland
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