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In This Issue: 03-JUL-2005 
•   Best Lens for Sports Photography?
•   South Dakota October 2005 - The Field Event of The Year
•   Photo and Imaging News On Your Desktop
•   News Bits
Best Lens for Sports Photography?
It's summer time and we get a lot of opportunities to shoot sports outside. What is then the best lens for sports photography, such as soccer? We have been discussing this recently in the forums and the 70-200 VR is one of the darlings, whereas others may like the range of the 80-400 VR.

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First of all, if you are into low light and night shots, you have to work with f/2.8. You can then use the 70-200 or 300. The 200-400 is a stop slower and much larger, thus may not be the ideal lens for carrying for a longer period of time. It is fast enough for daytime shooting, but at really low light, you want the 2.8.

The 70-200 has the obvious advantage of being a zoom and in good light conditions you can add a TC converter for more reach. The VR works very well with the 70-200 and many Nikonians are happy with it. Using it without converter and you'll be able to cover about 1/3rd of the field (if standing on the sideline).

For night photography, pick the part of the field you want to shoot and identify which areas are the brighter ones. Concentrate on them. For more information on this and similar themes, see the discussion forums:
Best lens for sports (soccer) photography
Telephoto lens choice - Rugby
Proper lens for action?
Outdoor sports downunder

Read our extensive 80-400 VR article

Is the 80-400 your choice for a sports lens? Check the discussion
Photo and Imaging News On Your Desktop
With Nikonians online news system, you receive photography and imaging related news directly on your desktop. The news are timely and to the point. Get the facts without the need to dig through loads of information.

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2) If you are not using Klipfolio, you need to register our RSS newsfeed in your newsreader. The URL for our newsfeed is: http://blog.nikonians.org/index.xml

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Learn how to shoot fireworks with Nikonians
News Bits
City Night People
Have you been doing street or people photography at night? Show us your shots! We will pick the best photo for inclusion in our newsletter and on the main page. More >

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Nikon To Boost DSLR Production?
Nikon is considering boosting production levels at it's Thailand DSLR factory to meet growing demand. In an interview with Reuters, Senior Managing Director Makoto Kimura states "The global market for digital SLRs should rise above 4 million this year and continue to grow. Basically, we need to boost the capacity of our Thailand plant, although we have not yet decided the timing and size of the investment."

4th of July Special
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More >

Learn how to shoot fireworks in this guide
More >

Have Your Own Website?
If you have your own website, you can get more visitors by adding your website to the Official Nikonians Webring

Show Your Pride
Show that you take pride in being a Nikonian and member. There are various logos and banners for you to use on your own site here. We have also made very nice looking patches that you can put on your photovest, bags and backpack. Of course we also have our classical Pro Straps, caps, hats and tripod legwraps. Be proud and show that you are a Nikonian
Be proud ;-)

For more news, see Nikonians News Blog

City night people
South Dakota October 2005 - The Field Event of The Year
We are going to South Dakota, USA October 9 to 15, 2005 together with Nikonian pro Chad Chopess, Senior Photographer of South Dakota, Tourism & State Development, and Nikonians Founders Bo Stahlbrandt and J. Ramon Palacios.

To reserve, use our online system. For more information on our 5th "ANPAT", visit Nikonians.

Nature, Scenics and Wildlife
You will have the chance to shoot autumn scenics, needles, granite spires, tunnels, pigtail bridges, massive rock carvings, landscapes (sunrises & sunsets). There are also mountain goats, antelope, bison, bighorn sheep and prairie dogs: not to mention the moon-like landscapes.

Share, Learn and Inspire
This is the Nikonians Field Event of the Year. A good chance to get out of the office to shoot, talk shop, exchange tips and tricks and be inspired by fellow Nikonians and amazing scenics. It's amenable and productive but without over exerting ourselves - This is a holiday.

Locations We Visit
We have 15-passenger vans for a maximum occupancy of 8 persons per van to be comfortable and send a single van to each shooting site. We will visit, amongst others:

  • Mount Rushmore National Memorial for the mountain carvings and mountain goats
  • Custer State Park/Sylvan Lake for sunrise reflections
  • Custer State Park/Needles for autumn scenics with granite spires and mountain goats
  • Custer State Park/Wildlife Loop for antelope, bison, bighorn sheep and prairie dogs
  • Iron Mountain Road for autumn scenics, tunnels, pigtail bridges
  • Wind Cave National Park back roads for antelope, bison and elk
  • Badlands National Park for moon-like landscapes, wildlife

Dates: October 9 to 15, 2005
Leader: Chad Coppess
Size: Minimum 13 - Maximum 24 participants

What is Included?
- Transportation from the airport to the first hotel
- Transportation from the last hotel to the airport
- All transportation to and from sites
- All accommodations
- All meals, starting with a welcome dinner on Sunday, ending with a farewell dinner on Friday night; and breakfast (for those who may have the time) next Saturday
- All park permits and fees

Cost Contribution
$1225 per person in double occupancy
$250 supplement per person for single occupancy

Reservation: $200 per person reservation deposit
Cut-off date: August 8, 2005

To reserve, use our online system. For more information on our 5th "ANPAT", visit Nikonians.

Reserve your seat - First come first serve

Mount Rushmore Goats
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