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On mid October 2004, twenty four Nikonians from around the world, gathered for the 4rd Annual Nikonians Photo Adventure Trip.   Held at the Rocky Mountain Mountain National Park in Colorado, USA, the 'ANPAT' was again a great photographic week of fun, camaraderie and learning. You still have a chance to join us in this CD-ROM.

4rd ANPAT logo by  Dan Johnsen (fivetoad)

The CD contains 216 images with technical data and comments on the photographs made by the Nikonians who participated in this trip. Each member shows their work in a personal gallery containing nine beautiful photographs. Of course, all taken with Nikon equipment. The images are 800 pixels wide if horizontal, 800 pixels tall if vertical. Below, a random sample.

© Bernie Wahl (Bernie)

© Rick Walker (walkerr)

© Ronald Wright (rwwright)
© Harlan Lampert

© Pete Wilson

© Cliff Lawson (CliffL)

© Rob Moody (different_drummer)

© Friedrick Elliot (Fried)

© Steven Lieber

With the Nikonians Colorado Adventure 2004 CD-ROM, not only you can be with us on the trip while enjoying the photographs -either in the auto-loading slide show or in the browser presentation with full details- you can also place stunning images on your computer screen or you can let the included animated screen saver make your day brighter. (Slide show and automatic screen saver for PC only).


As a bonus, the CD also contains the slides of the Workshop Sessions by Bob Johnson (bobj) on Composition, in Adobe pdf file format.

Also included is utility software for you to make your own slide shows, with your own images.

Your purchase of this CD helps to support our efforts for the community.

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