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Professional image tagging, annotation, retrieval & sharing

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Coordinate based keyword tagging

Coordinate based keyword tagging

Social collaboration & sharing

Social collaboration & sharing, suggest improvements

Powerful search feature

Powerful search feature, find images based upon their tags

Professional image annotation for artists

Professional image annotation for artists

Image documentation with tagging in field service jobs

Image documentation with tagging in field service jobs

Getting Annotate Expert:

Annotate Expert for Windows:

Download Annotate Expert (for Windows)  Windows version

Current version: Annotate Expert v. 1.30

Currently Annotate does not support Apple Macintosh.

System Requirements

Annotate Expert is available for:
MS Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7.

Currently Annotate does not support Apple Macintosh.

What is Annotate Expert and why image annotation?

What is Annotate Expert?

Annotate Expert by Nikonians® allows you to tag images, place keywords and comments that are bound to certain parts of the image, to highlight parts of the image by placing "virtual crops" and to share your images with others very easily. Think about writing on a sheet of glass that is on top of your image. Your comments are stored in a non-destructible way into the header (EXIF) part of the image file in XMP format, not changing the image itself. The annotations you make in your images are only visible if you open the images in Annotate, unless you export the annotations and make them available to anyone.

Why Annotate?

You ask why you need to store comments in image header and not draw them directly on the images?

  • Creating comments with Annotate is fast. Try Annotate Expert yourself and see how fast it is to comment on specific parts of the image.
  • Annotate is lightweight. You do not need to use complex digital photo editing software to put simple comments in your images. You will find out that loading an image in Annotate is as easy as dragging the image from a web page opened in your web browser.
    Annotate Expert can also run in your system tray, waiting to be used anytime you need it to e.g. take a screenshot or crop images.
  • Your comments are stored in the image as text. Unlike hand drawn comments on the image, text can be processed and indexed by your computer, which will allow you to quickly search within annotations to e.g. find people in your photo catalogue. With Annotate Expert, you can instantly find people in your photographs.

Share and Learn

Annotate Expert by Nikonians® can be used for sharing and learning purposes where e.g. one or more photographers give critique on a photograph, including their proposed enhancements as comments directly into the image, while not changing the image contents. Annotate Expert brings you multiple ways how to share images with others, explore them under the Features tab.

Challenge Creative Professionals

Challenge for Creative Professionals

As a professional photographer, photo artist or retouching specialist you need more than just a tool to archive your thousands of images.

To get the value of your work you need to find them instantly when needed, discuss all or parts of an image to improve quality, identify people and objects on the image and link them to create your personal network of images.

Finally, you may want to share your work and findings to teach others or acquire valuable critiques for yourself.

Challenge Field Specialists

Challenge for Field Specialists

More and more field service jobs require not only textual or checklist oriented reports, but additional image documentation.

The need for properly tagged and annotated images is crucial in all professional environments. This includes environmental research, emphasizing the collection of physical, chemical and biological information; MRO for telco, aviation and manufacturing; law enforcement reporting traffic accidents and crime scenes; the utilities and energy sector documenting site inspections and field assets.

Common to all areas of application is the need to easily and safely record meta-information belonging to an image, create precise documentation including annotated images and later find the whole or part of it instantly.


  • Annotations are stored as a separate layer on top of the original image.
  • The image is not touched at all when placing "virtual crops" in your images.
  • Your comments are stored in a nondestructible way as text into the EXIF part of the image file.
  • Annotations are stored in native XMP format to ensure interoperability.

Benefits for Creative Professionals

  • Minimized search effort: Instantly find what you need based on identified objects/people within an image, to which each annotation tag is related.
  • Original untouched: Identify, mark and comment relevant parts of an image, without touching or changing the image itself.
  • Focused discussions: Search for, document and discuss well identified parts, not only the complete image.
  • Annotate is lightweight regarding system resources and ease of use.

Benefits for Field Specialists

  • Indelible comments: Comments and image are intrinsically tied together.
  • Original untouched: Identify, mark and comment relevant parts of an image, without touching or changing the image itself.
  • Minimal search effort: Instantly find what you need based on identified objects within an image, to which annotations are related.
  • Annotate Expert is lightweight regarding ease of use and system resources.
  • Fast documentation: Numerous export options to create documentation with 1 click.


  • Highlight parts of an image and add textual comments (annotations) with one click
  • Keeps the original untouched - does not destroy or change the original image
  • Annotate multiple images at once
  • Annotations never get lost, because they are integrated into the image files (without XMP sidecar files)
  • Images are still accessible by every image viewer
  • Annotate Expert shows the images plus the annotations (in your choice of font sizes)
  • Merge and export image plus annotations in one step to make them available to anyone
  • Direct upload to online services / galleries
  • Send Email directly from Annotate
  • Direct Mantis bug tracker integration for SW & QM engineers
  • Direct import from clipboard
  • Multi-language support
  • Use your own logo / watermark to be copied into each annotated and saved image
  • Support of most RAW formats
  • IPTC keyword integration
  • Voice annotations as easy as text (Coming soon)
  • Fast full text indexing and searching
  • Link images to annotations
  • Plugin-support for Adobe Lightroom and other professional image archives and tools
  • Collaboration support: Teams can simultaneously work on the same image

Fast and easy to use

(1) Double click to open or paste an image from the clipboard, (2) draw a rectangle over the relevant part of the image and (3) type in the keywords. Repeat (2) and (3) as needed. That’s all.

Embedded annotations

The XMP-embedded annotations never can get lost or disconnected from your image. Whenever an image is copied or mailed, the annotations go with it and if opened by Annotate your annotations are shown.

Full text indexing and search

The automatic indexing of all tags in all images of the configured project folders ensures a fast and smart search.

IPTC keywords integration

Keywords are updated with your tags and are read from existing keywords upon opening an image for the first annotation.

Keyword libraries

can be built from your existing annotation tags or imported from other sources.

Annotate Expert is lightweight

This software is lean and focused on professional workflows. It can also run in your system tray, waiting to be used anytime you need it to take a screenshot or crop images.

Annotate Expert is all you need

If keyword tagging and coordinate-bound comments are your priority, you will not need to use complex digital photo editing software to put non-destructible comments in your images.

Annotation Layers

Allows easy categorization of your annotations by purpose such as measurements, quality hints, people tagging.

Colored Annotations

Annotations can be highlighted according to your selected themes or ideas. Different authors of comments can be highlighted to avoid confusion.


To allow traceability each annotation is stored with its author plus timestamp in a history log.

Annotate multiple images

Open as many images as you like to annotate and switch between them.

Smart copy

If you open an un-annotated image, Annotate Expert can transfer the annotations from a similar image as template texts.

Link annotations to images

With a link from an annotation area you can easily point to a more detailed image or other further information.

Voice annotations (Coming soon)

Record or attach voice comments to an image as easy as text comments - stored inside the image. (Coming soon)


Support and upgrade services are available.

We provide hotline, help forum, FAQ and Wiki support.

What happens to Annotate Expert after the 30-day trial?

All features of Annotate Expert are available for free for 30 days.

After 30 trial days, Annotate continues to function without a few features (Expert features) which will remain disabled unless you purchase the license.

Expert features include:

  • Support for RAW, PDF and PSD files
  • Smart IPTC keywording
  • Fast global search
  • Upload to nikonians galleries (Ctrl+U)
  • Logo customization - use your own company logo
  • Tethered shooting support - annotate images directly from your connected camera