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Annotate! by Nikonians® allows you to add textual annotations and "virtual crops" bound to coordinates in JPG images. The annotations are stored in a non-destructible way into the EXIF part of the JPG file, not changing the image itself.

You can further export the annotations, storing them together with the image in a newly created JPG file. This JPG file can easily be rescaled to a certain image size.

Annotate! by Nikonians® can be used for teaching purposes where e.g. one or more photographers give critique on a photograph, including their proposed enhancements as comments directly into the image.

This tool is free of charge. You must not reverse engineer its code.

Annotate! by Nikonians® was written by Marek Tomša, enprovia, 2009.


How to get it

You need the Microsoft .NET framework 2.0 installed on your computer to run it. Most installations of Microsoft Windows 2000 and later (XP, Vista) should support .NET 2.0 directly, without any need to additionally download it. If you do not have .NET 2.0 installed, the installation package will download and install it for you.

Currently Annotate! does not support Apple Macintosh. You can use the separately available .NET runtime environment “mono” to run the application on Macintosh and UNIX environments, but there are severe limitations to the program under "mono" so we have opted to not support this combination as of now.

To download and install Annotate!, click the Download button below.


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