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The Gary Fong WhaleTail Flash Diffuser
by J. Ramon Palacios

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  The Tale of the Tail
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The GaryFong Lightsphere II System has by now given us plenty of splendid images. I have learned to appreciate all of its variations and components to fit a wide variety of shooting situations. So when the WhaleTail was announced it was a surprise. Now that we have used it we can vouch for its flexibility and precise mixed lighting balancing capabilities.

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Sample impromptu family snapshot with Nikon SB-800 + GF WhaleTail Reporter
Medium height ceiling, combined incandescent, quartz and natural light

Nikon SB-800 at i-TTL with Lightsphere II CLEAR at 90° without dome, over a Digital Pro-M Custom Bracket. Medium height ceiling, strong light coming in from a floor-to-ceiling window behind the photographer. ISO 200  
Lighsphere II Clear
SB-800 at i-TTL/BL with Lightsphere II CLOUD at 90° without dome, on a QRS-E2 Custom Bracket. Tall church ceiling; wide open space; harsh sunlight from side windows. ISO 200  
Lightsphere II CLOUD
SB-800 at i-TTL with Lightsphere II CLOUD at 90° with dome, on a CB Junior Custom Bracket. Low ceiling, dim window light. ISO 200  
Lightsphere II CLOUD
SB-800 at i-TTL with WhaleTail Reporter, both flaps at front, on camera hotshoe. Medium height ceiling, incandescent light, and natural window light from a side and front. ISO 100.   WhaleTail sample test shot


The GaryFong Flash Diffusions Systems work and work very well. Its latest addition, the WhaleTail, works very well too as shown here and better when under mixed lighting.

Professionals who may already own a Lightsphere System should also consider the WhaleTail. It saves us from having to pack a whole set of alternate domes and is both a bit more compact and much harder to fall off. Further more, when requiring a multiple flash setup, they can be combined most effectively.

I have been cursed, all of the Gary Fong DVD's that I have will not open in my computers; but then, it has been a lot of fun to discover how each product works best on my own. I hope you too will ....

Have a great time!

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