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At Nikonians, we do have the resources to help you to decide on whether to take the leap over to digital photography, to verify if digital is ready to embrace you with your requirements and expectations and to bring you the first Nikon user impressions on the newest mean machines. Not only Digital Darrell's articles and others reviews, but also various thriving forums, informative resources which might be missed due to their shear number. This overview should help you find the information you are looking for.

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by Victor F. Newman
Nikon D100 with AF-I 400mm f/2.8 Nikkor + Nikon TC-20E converter
by Nikonian Victor Newman

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eBooks related to digital photography

Nikonians Battery Guide - A Nikonians eBook
A downloadable eBook with 66 pages, letting you select the best batteries for your personal needs. If you don't have the Adobe Acrobat Reader needed to view the eBook, get it free from the Adobe site right here.

A sample of our digital photography articles

How does a digital camera work?
By Nikonian Digital Darrell (darrellyoung)

Digital versus film
By Nikonian Digital Darrell (darrellyoung)

JPEG, TIFF or RAW .. Which Should I Use
The what, which one and why of the digital camera file formats
By Nikonian Digital Darrell (darrellyoung)

Nikon D200 Preview
This camera will make your NAS jump into overdrive
by Nikonian Digital Darrell

Nikon D200 - Understanding White Balance
Easy to follow steps to master White Balance in this gorgeous machine
by Nikonian Digital Darrell

Nikon D200 and Nikon's Creative Lighting System
Advanced wireless lighting technology at your disposal; learn how easy it works for you
by Nikonian Digital Darrell

Nikon D200 Multi-CAM 1000 AUtofocus (AF) sensor module
Easy to learn how it works and use the settings to your advantage
by Nikonian Digital Darrell

Nikon D200 Field Report
Two weeks into the Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks with a Nikon D200 DSLR
by Nikonian Ernesto Santos (esantos)

Nikon D200 and Non-CPU lenses
Using AI and AI-S legendary lenses on your Nikon D200. Which ones and how.

by Nikonian Digital Darrell

Nikon D2X: First Look
A Nikonian user review on this latest mean machine
by Nikonian Jerry Burnell (Jerry Burnell)

Nikon D50 Review - Compact, but Solid and Capable DSLR
A father and son nikonians users review
of this hard to beat digital body
by Nikonians Rick and Eric Walker (walkerr)

Nikon D70 - The first days: Turning on the heat
Read why this digital camera has the best cost/value ratio at a most affordable price
by Nikonian Andreas Voigt (spacer)

Nikon D70: First Contact
If you’ve been waiting for a digital SLR that will give you the convenience of shooting digital, with the control and feel of conventional 35mm cameras, and at the right price, then read this.
by Nikonian Wayne Lorimer (w_lorimer)

Nikon D1H, D100 and D70 digital cameras compared
Three Nikon digital SLRs fall now within the 1,000 to 1,300 dollars price range. Which to choose?

by Nikonian Lars Troels (Lars Troels)

Nikon D2H: Test driving
A quick test-drive of this magnificent digital SLR body
by Nikonian Victor F. Newman (vfnewman)

Nikon D2X - The Multi-CAM 2000 Autofocus (AF) sensor module
Learn what are the settings, why they work and suggested combinations
by Nikonian Digital Darrell (darellyoung)

Nikon D2X/D2Xs AF System Revisited
Still confused about the great number of AF alternatives in the Nikon D2H/D2Hs/D2X/D2Xs/D2Hs?
by Nikonian Ed Erkes

Nikon D2X/D2Xs - Exposure Bracketing
If you want a guarantee for well exposed images, read this
by Nikonian Digital Darrell (darellyoung

Nikon D2XD2Xs - Using the High Speed Cropped Mode
Make your lens seem to have twice it's focal length, the easy and fast way
by Nikonian Digital Darrell (darellyoung)

Nikon D2XD2Xs - Understanding ISO & Noise Reduction Settings
Modern DSLRs allow for image making in virtually any light condition. What are the best settings?

by Nikonian
Digital Darrell (darellyoung)

Nikon D2X/D2Xs - Creating Multiple Exposure Images
The Multiple Exposure features of the Nikon D2X (D2H, D2Hs and F6) allow for creative special effects IN CAMERA ... no post processing required! Here is how.

by Nikonian
Digital Darrell (darellyoung)

Nikon D2X/D2Xs - Recording Voice Memos
Learn how to use the built-in recorder, forget about memo pads and hand recorders

by Nikonian Digital Darrell (darellyoung)

Nikon D2X/D2Xs - Using the Shooting and Custom Banks
Turn this chameleon into a set of unique cameras for a purpose with a few button clicks
by Nikonian Digital Darrell (darellyoung)

Nikon D2X/D2Xs - Shooting an air show
How to shoot an air show. See here suggested settings
by Nikonian Digital Darrell (darellyoung)

Nikon D2X/D2Xs - Doing a slide show
Don't waste that gorgeous back LCVD monitor, use it to review your images in a slide show

by Nikonian Digital Darrell (darellyoung)

Nikon D2X/D2Xs - Using non-CPU lenses
Rejoice! Dust off those magnificent AI and AI-S to use in your D2 and F6 bodies. Here is how
by Nikonian
Digital Darrell (darellyoung)

Nikon D2X/D2Xs - Using the White Balance Controls
An excellent and concise article
by Nikonian Digital Darrel

Understanding your Digital Camera's Histogram
If you want a guarantee for a much higher percentage of well exposed images, read this
by Nikonian Digital Darrell (darrellyoung)

CompactFlash Cards for Digital Cameras... Which one...?
Type, size, rating, capacity and other features explained to help you in your choice

by Nikonian Tom Hoey (tfhouey)

Nikon Digital Single Lens Reflex Cameras Comparison Table
Compare features among the various DSLRs and choose yours
By Nikonian Armando J. Heredia (Covey22)

Enlarging Digital Images for Publication
Can images from a 6Mpixel camera meet standards of publishers for digital image submission?
by Digital Darrell

Digital photography forums

D1/D2 Users Group
Everything concerning the D1 and D2 series

D100 Users Group with the D100 Custom Curves
Forums with many informative discussions around the D100 camera

D200 Users Group
Like with all new models since 2000, the first in the net, with all the previous wishful thinking, speculations and rumours; now celebrating its arrival

D70/D70s Users Group Forum
Discussions around this new affordable DSLR

D40/D50 Users Group Forum
Information exchanges related to this compact, solid and capable affordable digital body

Coolpix Users Group
For all users of the cool Coolpixes, no matter if you have a 700 or an 8800

Digital post-processing and Workflow Forum
Everything about workflow with Adobe Photoshop, Nikon Capture and other software

Computers & Digital Hardware Forum
Discuss digital imaging equipment such as PC's, Mac's, tablets, storage devices, etc.

Custom Curves, Scripts & Actions
For uploading and discussion of Custom Curves (.ntc Capture Camera Control files), Photoshop actions, and scripts for programs including Paint Shop Pro and iMatch.

Printers, scanners & color management
Everything about printers, scanners, spyders and color management