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promotes involvement and interaction. To share, learn and inspire, we do have the six major areas shown above, open to all of our community members. Register to become a community member and interact. After you have registered, please fill in your member profile, it helps to get to know you and answer better to your questions. Our aim is to make Nikonians a great experience for you as it is for many already.

Participate in our easy to use and friendly forums, catch the latest trends, ask questions or just have fun sharing reliable, first hand information.

Our forums are open for everyone, but you must register to be able to interact. We're a friendly community and we try to help each other. 

You may want to learn more about our community and terms of use. There's also an online help available on how to use the various forums.

Remember to be specific and to the point if you ask questions or provide technical information; include details about the situation, equipment, ISO used, settings, etc.

Being photographers and image-oriented people, we endorse the use of pictures in our discussion forums, so don't hesitate to upgrade your membership to enable uploading of your own images in the messages you post. If you're not sure on how to do this, read the online help.

We're a friendly, image-oriented community, and our forums also support the use of 'smileys' which are translated into small icons in the messages - often needed to convey the tone of the exchange - try it out

Recognized pros and outstanding amateurs using Nikon equipment are listed in our community member profiles.

If you are a registered user (to register takes no longer than 60 seconds), you can view your fellow Nikonian's profiles. If you already are a registered Nikonian, you can also edit your member profile to keep it complete and up to date.

We believe in sharing our visions within this user community of like-minded members.

We are dedicated Nikon users and we want to learn more, to meet friends and to exchange ideas while letting you know some more about who we are.

By sharing our visions and letting you know some more about ourselves, we are sure that this community will continue to prosper and that we're creating a unique feeling of trust between us.

We do it for fun and for the thrill of feeling the unity of people from all over the world, connected through our common interest in photography and in using Nikon equipment.

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The galleries contain Photo Contest contributions as well as members galleries where we Nikonians share our images made with Nikon equipment. Join to share yours.
The Nikonians founders would like to hear from you - Your thoughts and ideas are very valuable to us as we're continuously making this an even better place for Nikonians. Get in touch!
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