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The Best of Nikonians
2008 Images Awards

It is with great pleasure that we celebrate the achievements of the Nikonians who chose to participate in the 2008 Nikonians Photo contest.

Nikonians was founded to share, learn and inspire amongst Nikon users, in a friendly and creative environment. Over 2008, the Nikonians members Galleries grew from 65,000 to over 110,000 images we thoroughly enjoyed.

To our sponors for 2008, Hewlett-Packard, thinkTANK photo , PhaseOne and datacolor, our high appreciation.

thinkTANK photo
Phase One

Entries to the contest were not only numerous but of high quality. A wonderful collection of 15 images was the resulting 2008 Nikonians Photo Contest finalists gallery.


Photographer of the Year 2008


Nikonians decided to grant a 1st Place and two Honorable Mentions.

The panel of judges from the Nikonians Masters Society, composed of outstanding professionals and highly advanced amateurs around the globe, casted their votes.

We are very happy to announce the winners of the Nikonians Photo Contest 2008 and to present you their outstanding images.

Our congratulations to all participants and to the winners.

Cold Wait by  Joe Iannandrea (skorj)

1st Place Winner - "Cold Wait"

Landscape by Joe Iannandrea
Nikonian Photographer of the Year 2008
Username "skorj"
, member since August 2003
Nikonian amateur from Canada
Image made with a Nikon D80

Finals Prizes:
Datacolor Spyder3 color calibration package

Think Tank Glass Taxi Lens backpack
1 Year Platinum Membership
Nikonians Certificate of High Photographic Achievement

One of the judges representative comment:

"This well-balanced composition has many things going for it but what jumps out at me the most is the ‘blue’ ice, which enhances the cool look. The slight blur accentuates the mystical quality of a cold and lonely place"

Color Me Red © Poras Chaudhary (kaipu)

Honorable Mention - "Color Me Red"

Portrait by Poras Chaudhary
Username "kaipu", member since June 2008
Nikonian amateur from India
Image made with a Nikon D3
24-70mm f/2.8G AF-S Nikkor

Finals Prizes:
A 1-Year Nikonians Gold membership
Certificate of High Photographic Achievement

One of the judges representative comment:

"A striking image with rich, vibrant colors and eyes that leap from the page. Even as a thumbnail, this still stood out from the other images"


Praying Mantis © Thimas Spain (Countryboy)

Honorable Mention - "Praying Mantis"

Nature Macro by Thomas Spain
Username "Countryboy", member since March 2007
Nikonian amateur from the USA
Image made with a Nikon D2X
200mm f/4D AF Macro Nikkor

Finals Prizes:
A 1-Year Nikonians Gold membership
Certificate of High Photographic Achievement

A representative judges comment:

"I think this image is technically superior to all others in the contest this year. The main subject is infinitely sharp and the flower as a pedestal is also. It is not easy to get this kind of depth of field this close. I am also impressed with the exposure control here. There is wonderful shadow detail yet while the highlights of the white flower petals have more than enough detail preserved. Finally, the choice of a black background really isolates the main subject and gives it much more presence. An excellent example of how micro photography should be done"


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