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Nikonians Photo Contest

Best of Nikonians - 2011 Images
Photo Contest
Black & White Category Awards

It is with great pleasure that we celebrate the achievements of the Nikonians who chose to participate in the 2011 Nikonians Photo contest in the Black & White Category.

To our main sponsor for 2011, Lowepro, our highest appreciation.


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B&W Category Winner - "Frosted Memories"
by Zoran Buletic
Username "Bzox", Member since 2009
Nikonian advanced amateur from Bosnia & Herzegovina
Image made with his Nikon D200 and his lens @ 26mm
Spot metering, 2 seconds at f/3.5, ISO 200

Awarded Prizes:
Lowepro - Pro Runner 350 AW backpack
One Year Nikonians Membership extension
Nikonians Certificate of High Photographic Achievement

The Sweet Sound of Old San Juan

B&W Category Honorary Mention
"The Sweet Sounds of San Juan"

by Brian Bochenek
Username "Statevillain", Member since 2011
Nikonian advanced amateur from Illinois, USA

Awarded Prizes:
One Year Nikonians Membership
Nikonians Certificate of High Photographic Achievement


Rocks at Low Head

B&W Category Honorary Mention
"Rocks at Low Head"
by Neale Dyster
Username "digitwized", member since 2007
Nikonian advanced amateur from Tasmania, Australia
Image made with a his Nikon D80
Sigma 10-20mm @ 14mm
f/11, 3/4 sec, ISO 100, with a 3-stop GND filter

Awarded Prizes:
One Year Nikonians Membership
Nikonians Certificate of High Photographic Achievement


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