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These are some more of the comments our members have made about our community. Our highest appreciation for all of you.

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Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Click for enlargement.
Great Smoky Mountains National Park. This is my cottage, by Bo Stahlbrandt (bgs)
Nikon F5, Nikkor AF 20mm/2.8, L37C filter, RGB Matrix Metering, on Velvia 50

Thank you! I bought a D80 in November and I've been disapointed that it would'nt shoot anywhere even close to 3 frames per second. The dealer couldn't find out what was wrong and neither could Nikon tech support. I was about to box it up and send it in for warranty service and thought I'd register here and see if anyone here knew the answer. I found this thread: "How do I get anything close to 3 frames/sec on my D80". Problem fixed. This is obviously a group worth joining. Thanks again! - Terrence S. Clausing, USA

Suffice it to say I'm am furthered convinced the Nikonians truly is a "community" by your helpful assistance. The Silver membership was the best $25 dollars I've spent in sometime.
Gerard Pas, Canada

I am so glad I found this site. I had a problem (I thought) with a lens and went searching for answers when I landed on this site. Dropped a help request on the forum last nite and 24 hours later have 6 responses that are all very helpful. I'm just getting started with the digital camera world and can tell that this site is a great learning asset and resource. Glad to be aboard. John Moss, California, USA
Thank you for providing the Nikonians site. All is well with the way you have it setup.
Regards, Jerry Litynski, Photographer

Thanks for getting guys are so good it is amazing!  Appreciate how approachable you guys are and how much you listen to the users. Feel free to call on me to share any of the load I can in support of this site.  Best single forum for Nikon nuts like me, and it is almost a one stop site. If only you guys had a direct connect venture with B&H Photo I wouldn't have reason to go to any other site! Regards
Jeff Wakefield (Jwake), Florida, USA

By the way .. Excellent web site. 
Roberto Balderas, Victoria, Mexico

Thanks for having such a wonderful site for us to engage information and other of similar interests!!! I cannot praise your site enough. It is comprehensive, easy to use/access, free (!), supportive of my NAS, and informative.  Good job!! Thanks again for a great site.
Bob Sigler, New York, USA


Just read your article on SU-4 prior to purchase and got more from it than Nikon site or equipment sellers. Appreciate your work in our behalf. Keep it up, please.
Jim (JEHinchee)

Hi,  Just wanted to give you a little compliment. Your Nikonians is a well designed, easily navigated web page, with enough information and news to keep an old guy like me busy all day, every day. Thanks for providing such a wonderful place to peruse my favorite topic, photography.  My first Nikon was a Nikkorex F back in the early 50's and I went up from there to a Coolpix 990 now. 
Maurice Gamache (Mauryg)

Thanks for the awesome site. Keep up the good work. I use it a lot. Thanks
Mahesh Kalambi (mklamb)
Gentlemen, I wanted to send you an email to let you know how satisfied and happy I am to find your organization in the internet. I only registered this week and the information I am getting from the forums and resources as just priceless! The members are so professional and very nice. Thank you and more power to both of you. Sincerely, Norman Timonea, USA

Dear Nikon creators, Thank you very much for the service which you provide.  As a Nikon lover for many years, this site holds anything and everything Nikon... and if it is not listed, then its not needed. Thanks again for the dedication to such a great enterprise.
Steve Guyer (Spguyer) Georgia, USA
Deciding between Canon and Nikon was easy....although Canon has a full frame digital camera, Nikon has! Raja Roy (roy3) from India, currently in the USA
Thank you a lot for an interesting web-site which I enjoy a lot.
Best regards Allan Jensen, Denmark
I've loved photography for a long time and purchasing a Nikon camera was one of the best decisions I have ever made. Took several photography courses at our local University and read many books. Nikonians members are a tremendous source for understanding equipment and the complexity of photography. Most importantly, the encouragement, support, and shared knowledge from all, continue to add to the desire for improvement.
Carolyn Patin-Jones (cpatinjone) Lousiana, USA

Thank you for all the time, organization, and knowledge you have with the site in a creative manner. 
I am like a child in a toy shop & so much outstanding information to read and to study. 
I cannot leave my computer this morning to do anything else!  Thank you.  Jean Ann

Long Live Nikonians !!!!
Never saw a more friendlier, decent and a civilized site than Nikonians.
Dr. Dinil Abeygunawardane (Fovea), Sri Lanka

Just want to say Thanks to all you Nikonians out there !! I finally made my first Nikon purchase, a D2H after watching and reading everything I could about Nikon for over a year. The Nikonian website is by far the best run, and best place to get answers and advice from dedicated Nikon users. I look forward to participating in several fourms to get the most out of my Nikon equipment.
Jeffrey Mitchell (Panther_Nikon) NIkonian in Massachusetts, USA

My "Nikon experience" with my beloved N80, is made immeasurably richer and more enjoyable by the Nikonians -- so much great info, insight, and good-natured fellowship.  Thanks for all the great work you do!
Ed Janci (Ed51502) Nikonian in Pennsylvania, USA

Currently I teach photography to a group of students and I hereby ask for your permission to use your wonderful Nikonians page as a school reference textbook. With my regards.
Armando Petricioli, Sonora, Mexico

What is Nikonians? Just the best Internet community for Nikon owners; if you own a Nikon, you'll find you have to be a Nikonian. Fabrizio Giudici (BlueKnight), Italy

I came across this site looking for an answer and I'm so glad I did. I've learned more in 3 days than I have in 3 months. Frances Jackson (fsjackson) Nikonian in Texas, USA
Bo, Thanks so much for your prompt response. You and JRP do a great job managing the Nikonians site. We are all in your debt. I much appreciate you efforts and wish you a great and productive new year.
Richard Caldwell, Nikonian in Texas, USA

I am new to Nikonians, but have enjoyed its benefit within the first week.
My humble contribution is a token of my appreciation for the fine setup you two have created for us. Go Nikonians!!! Kind regards.
Buddhadev Mukherjee
Hi All. This site is awesome!!!
I usually avoid discussion group sites because half the people are rude and the other half doesn’t know what they're talking about. Man what a nightmare. I lost all faith in discussion groups. However, while watching the discussions on this site after being directed here by my instructor at the New York Institute of Photography, I decided to post my questions.
It's really nice to be on a site where everyone is polite and knowledgeable.
This is one site I will be visiting on a daily basis.
Thanks to everyone who posts and responds in a friendly and educated way.
Dwon (gshot) – Nikonian in Oregon, USA

You do all of us Nikonians around the world a great service and I, one of many, greatly appreciate all your hard work. James Loy (jmike) North Carolina, USA
Just wanted to offer a heartfelt thanks to the originators and the moderators of this forum. And let's face it folks, the visual format employed on is, in my opinion, far superior to anything out there. I have transitioned from an initially dissatisfied digital camera user, into a better-informed photographer...thanks to many folks on this forum. In essence, my digital skills have substantially matured (and continue to grow) by tuning into this site.  Ben Harrmann, Nikonian in North Carolina, USA
I've been a part of this site for a while now and I have to say what a treasure it is. I've told so many Nikon users about it. In fact I just bought my niece a Nikon N-50 as her first camera. I just had to say something. Kelly McClure  (Grip71) Nikonian in Illinois, USA

Boy am I glad I found you guys (and gals). In two days since I ran across the site, I have learned more about my N80 and Nikkors than in the past 2 years. I look forward to learning more and posting s
ome of my shots for analysis and critique. Henry (nascarN80) Nikonian in Md. USA
Hello all. I am new to this site and I must say at the out set that I am very impressed. I debated between Canon and Nikon …. before stumbling upon this site. I can tell by all the enthusiastic participation that I will never doubt my decision to go with Nikon.
Brian Gupton (bgupton)
Keep up the good work! Thanks for being there. Your site has been a great learning tool for me. The tips and info. are helping me each day. George Henry

Just a few words of thanks for your highly informative, interesting and educational site. As a VERY CONFUSED owner of the D70, I turned to your site which has already solved many of my questions.
I have found your members eager to be helpful and fully qualified to provide meaningful advice.
I have now learned to love my D70, to respect all of the abilities it offers...and this is in large part the direct result of help with my specific "problems" as well as the learning process which comes with reviewing questions submitted by others. Keep up your high standards and the resulting member benefits. Thanks again.
Arthur P. Davis (Commodore) Nikonian in Florida, USA
I must recommend you to take a look at the homepage of The Nikonians - an international and VERY GOOD homepage for owners of Nikon equipment. Niels Juul Nielsen, Aarhus, Denmark
JRP, thanks for all the work you and Bo have done for all Nikonians. I am new to photography (1 yr) and most of what I've learned has been through my interaction at Nikonians. I will support this site for as long as I can press shutter or click a mouse! Marcelino Cruz (shutterkid), Nikonian in NY, USA
This morning has been the first chance that I've have to really spend much time in this site, and I can't begin to tell you how impressed I am…. It is very obvious that each of you are genuinely interested in helping each other. I can see that I will be spending some serious time reading through the many posts to truly learn how to use my new N80 it well. Even though I have been taking photos for over 20 years (w/ a Canon AE-1), I have not really had someone to tutor me, but I feel that NIKONIANS will be the tutor I never had. Thanks for making this great site available and for the wealth of information offered. I'm really looking forward to becoming a part of this community.  KenC (Old Rookie) Nikonian in OK, USA

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