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We were very happy to receive the anonymous feedback from the workshops to date of the D70 Workshops in North America series with Mike Hagen. Below an abridged compilation of comments from attendees.

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1. .. What parts of the class were most enjoyable?
  - In class exercises
  - Macro work with extension tubes. Fun stuff!
  - Practice exercises
  - All parts (the layout is an excellent mix!)
  - The ease of the workshop leader to explain and answer questions.
  - White Balance exercises.
  - I liked the mix of talk and do.
  - All the new things I didn't know. All of the workshop leader personal preferences and what he does in real life.
  - Learning from other's experience. I have had camera for one year and it is good to hear from others with the same camera.
  - The shooting exercises.
  - Understanding effects of camera settings on actual photos. For example blue tones by tungsten white balance setting.
  - All of it!
  - Everything was enjoyable and informative. Excellent 3 days.
  - Having just purchased a new speedlight, everything was new and enjoyable. I learned much more than I thought I would.
  - Hands on demos. Practical experience. Good communication. Questions were all answered.
  - "For this situation, set your camera to this" I loved that!

2. .. What part of the workshop would you like improved?
  - Real world scenarios using the D70. Getting the different shots/scenarios. There was quite a bit of this however
  - I thought the workshop was excellent!
  - Personally, more detail of shutter settings and f-stops only because I don't fully understand them. But the workshop gave me the basis to learn
  - Some work on outdoor/landscapes
  - Seemed to be a little of repetition on the second day
  - More discussion of actual image manipulation of RAW file
  - It was all ok. Including the cleaning demonstration!
  - Nothing
  - Improve the weather next time :-)

3.   What do you wish we spent more time covering?
  - Good coverage of topics for a one-day class
  - I think it was about right
  - Perhaps a little more time on accessories
  - Nothing seemed too little covered. Content well balanced.
  - Time was divided very well
  - Viewing different photos to show image optimization and settings
  - The information covered was extensive and the time used was well warranted and needed
  - Perhaps CCD cleaning could have been after 5pm


4. .. What did we spend too much time covering?
  - Nothing. It was all incredibly valuable
  - Exposure. By the time students attend Advanced D70, they should be up on exposure.
  - White balance


5.   General Comments
  - It was very good. Everybody should go. Nikon ought to include this class with their camera.
  - Great workshops. I learned a lot. Great powerpoint presentation and equipment to use during the workshop. Keep up the good work.
  - Excellent presentation. Your patience was greatly appreciated. Hated to see the day end!!
  - Like my kids would say, this class was the bomb! I learned a lot about my flash. I was very suprised that Mike was so open with all his tips. I would have paid more for this learning experience. Great learning experience.
  - Thank you! The class was informative, fun and inspirational. I'll be back for your Travel Photography field trips.
  - Very good workshop on multiple levels. Might be back soon for another!
  - Excellent class! Lots of information. I can't suggest any improvements until I digest all I received!
  - Great job. Excellent course. Great teaching skills too!
  - Felt I was a little out of my league ... however, I did learn a lot and now know where I need more work. Class and instruction were excellent!!!
  - Excellent course and well worth the money!
  - Mike's ability to have people introduce and comment on their concerns and note them and then answer everyone's specific questions throughout the day was excellent. Thanks
  - Great!
  - I enjoyed it very much
  - Great workshop. Picked up some great tips. PRE WB, Optimize Image
  - Very well done. Well done for my level of knowledge
  - Most beneficial
  - Very informative. So glad I was able to attend!


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