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What has been most rewarding is what members have to say about our community. Our highest appreciation for all of you. But they also have much to say about our tours. Below what they said about our Mayan Tour & Workshop. 

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What did I like most about the expedition? For me that is a difficult question. But for you, I would suggest you should make plans to participate in the 2005 Mayan Adventure and find out for yourself.
On one hand, the area of Mexico we visited provided me with phenomenal photographic opportunities. From the tiniest flower and the breathtaking nature to the awe inspiring Mayan ruins, it was an adventure that will remain in my memory for a long time.
On the other hand, I had the opportunity to socialize, learn and grow with outstanding fellow Nikonians. This type of interaction is an added bonus
but also an integral part of any Nikonian Photo Adventure. So, Mexico + Nikonians = See you next year at the 2005 Mayan Adventure.
Chris Gray (wpfg100) Canadian Nikonian
I thoroughly enjoyed the Mayan trip. I felt we were traveling first class all the time. I love the fellowship of fellow crazy's that take pictures (some even take photos). I am really pleased with my results, some good landscapes and decent model photos. Thanks to the Nikonians (JRP & Bo) that put this together and to "Mother" for taking such good care of us. I found the trip to be even more than I expected and plan on going back next year if possible.
Ronald wright (rwwright) USA Nikonian

I have been to three Nikonians-sponsored trips including ANPAT2 (Moab), ANPAT3 (Manitoba) and this Mayan Expedition. I have to say that the trips get better and better each year. This trip presented a golden opportunity to photograph these heavily visited locations (Tulum & Chichen Itza) at times of the day when the lighting was at its best and without a single intrusion from the crowds that are normally present. One look at the images contained in the Impressions as well as my own gallery will show the quality of location and coordination beyond what the regular traveler could have hoped for. In addition, the models and other photo opportunities on the trip topped off a wonderful adventure at what I felt was at an incredibly reasonable price. World-prime locations all to myself, models at the ready, three great meals and beverages a day, amazing pyramids and the great beaches to relax. Add to that the fact that aside from several additional rolls of film and the cost of an occasional after hours cocktail, I did not spend one additional US Dollar during the week! I expect to return for this trip and very much recommend it to other Nikonians. Tom Trujillo (tjtrujillo) The CUBAN NIKONIAN!
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