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Who We Are
The Nikonians community is a top-tier reference site for ambitious photographers and demanding imaging professionals.

Our demographic core membership is composed of photographers with strong brand loyalty traits, advanced photography skills and above average income. As an advertising client you benefit from the ability to tap into this focused group of potential customers: We give you access to an affluent group of “prosumers”; photographers and imaging professionals.

The Nikonians community is an information waterhole of specialists, driving purchasing decisions not only among their peers, but also among newcomers who have learned to rely on valuable advice. As such, resulting branding effects are stronger and more lasting than those achieved through less focused brand generic "average Joe" websites.

Hosting material with Nikonians, such as white papers and hands-on reviews, we strengthen brand-awareness and build further product interest. Our hard earned reputation as specialists with in-depth product knowledge has helped build trust between consumers and a large variety of photography product brands, retailers and manufacturers.

As a high-quality affinity group, Nikonians can also help with market research and product piloting (beta testing).

Our Mission
To increase the awareness of high quality products by leading our members and visitors to the best products available as they are learning to improve their photography.

Our Vision
Our vision is to be the first choice for advertisers seeking to market high quality imaging and photography products on The Net to quality conscious consumers.

Our community achieves this by being accountable for:
• Making trust, quality, integrity and excellence the hallmarks of the way we do business
• Attracting, developing and motivating our team members and teams
• Continuously grow and improve our community and its business
• Demonstrate efficiency in how we use resources and make decisions
• Being action biased. We work hard in an efficient way and we value calculated risk taking

To achieve our mission and realize our vision, we must live by our values. These are:
• Quality
• Integrity
• Respect for People
• Leadership
• Collaboration


Contact information

You can get in touch with us online, right here.

Or by postal mail here:

Nikonians EMEA Ltd.
Dögginger Straße 1
D-78183 Hüfingen

Nikonians North America, Inc.
4224 Florida Avenue, Suite 5
Kenner, LA 70065
United States of America
Phone: (504) 264-2698


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