Nikonians offering jobs in North American market
No. 0027 - Released August 01, 2006

Strong growth and diversification in one of the most respected Internet-based photography sites online has lead to career opportunities.

Nikonians® - Worldwide Home for Nikon® Photographers is offering customer support, media sales and e-commerce positions to match the growing needs of more than 50,000 members in over 140 countries.

These positions range in responsibilities from advertising sales and sponsor liaisons to inventory management, and are available to persons with exceptional interpersonal communication skills interested in a long-term career for the growing network of sponsors and partners in the Nikonians community.

Immediate opportunities concentrate in the North America, where both full and part time positions are available.

The full time Media & Content Sales Representative position is ideal for applicants with experience or training in advertising, market research services and preparation of licensed content. Application information and qualification details are available here.

The full time Affiliate Program Manager will be placing Nikonians content and services in small to medium enterprises (SMEs) in North America. This will include establishing strong mutual relationships with photo retailers and camera comparison sites, and coordinating with potential advertising accounts. The position also includes managing the supply chain of Nikonians off-the-shelf products. Application information and qualification details are available here.

The part time Order Fulfillment Manager will be responsible for helping our online shop customers with placement and fulfillment of their orders and will assist with inventory management. Based on expected growth in the operation, this position is projected to become full time. Application information and qualification details are available here.

These positions require good organizational and computer skills and fluency in both written and oral English. Media sales experience is a plus, and a strong knowledge of photography basics, equipment and current trends is a must.

Nikonians rely on a team approach that understands the concept of community spirit, creativity and idealism, which amounts to more than the sum of the individual parts themselves.

For further information on career opportunities with Nikonians direct email queries to: jobs-200607-1(at)

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