Highly focused digital SLR News for Nikon Users
No. 0011 - Released September 27, 2004

With the Nikon D2 users group and D2x newsletter, the global Nikon photographer community Nikonians.org provide more, highly targeted information channels for the ambitious amateur and pro photographer.

The current overload of dispersed data, mixed with rumors and hearsay, makes it difficult to find relevant information on which to base purchasing decisions. Problem solving also requires specifically focused information. Nikonians.org cuts through the weeds with an international team of Nikon photographers providing up-to-date information and first-hand knowledge in one of the most targeted mediums available today.

At Nikonians.org, a knowledge base, discussion forums, newsletters and an eZine exclusively for Nikon photographers, nurture the needs of these demanding users 24 hours a day, every day.

"We don't try to be everything and we're not for everyone" says Paul Fisher, who's responsible for membership relations. "We are fulfilling the demands Nikon users have. Our latest D2x newsletter is a good example on our focused approach: The readers are mainly Nikon users interested in the new Nikon flagship. A majority of them are using Nikon D1, D2h, D100 and D70 cameras today" adds the Australian photographer.

"Our resources are consumed through our channels by over 22,000 members, plus there's a large following of additional readers" says Ron Green who's heading the publishing sector. "We are looking at a very interesting Q4, with new ebooks, guides, articles and other material published and 2005 is The Year of The Nikonian"says the seasoned photographer with a smile.

If you're interested in the latest discussions between Nikon photographers, Nikonians covers every angle. If there's an answer, you can be sure to find it at the place who has a reputation of being the friendliest location around.