Professional Tuning Products for Carbon Photography Tripods
No. 0006 - Released February 25, 2004

Titanium spikes and stabilization base plates for carbon tripods

New products for carbon tripods promise longevity,
reduced vibrations and increased torsion stiffness.

Donaueschingen, Germany Modern Carbon tripods have made life easier and the backpack lighter for outdoor photographers. These featherweights are though fairly sensitive and not always as stable as we would like them to be. Now, new tuning products from Markins enhance these tripods even further.

The Korean manufacturer Markins provides two new products for outdoor photographers using Gitzo carbon tripods: A set of Titanium spikes and a Duraluminum stabilizing base plate. The Markins Titanium spikes replace the standard rubber feet or Aluminum spikes. By using this new type of spike the ground contact is improved and tripod vibrations are reduced. The hard material lends itself very well for outdoor use and the integrated stoppers can be used whenever indoors.

The three available sizes TS-227, TS-228 and TS-327 fit on the Gitzo Mountaineer 1227, 1228, 1327, 1239, 1338 and 1348 tripods. A set of three Titanium spikes cost around 75 Euro or 90 US Dollars.

The Markins tripod base plates TB20 and TB30 increase stability of carbon tripods by reducing its torsion, stabilizing the top section of the tripod. The plate is inserted between the top base of the tripod and the tripod head. It is designed for the Markins Q-Ball heads though works equally well with ball heads from other manufacturer. The base plates are black and made of hard anodized Duraluminum. TB20 fits the Gitzo Mountaineer models 1227 and 1228 whereas the TB30 fits Mountaineer 1327 and 1348. A base plate cost around 75 Euro or 90 US Dollar.

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