New Pro Ballheads now in Europe
No. 0002 - Released November 1, 2003

Featherweight ball heads for professionals take loads of 45 kg

The Q-Balls weight less than 580 grams (1.28 lbs)
and carry loads of up to 45 kg (99 lbs).

Modern tripod heads for outdoor photographers should be light and very sturdy. After some hours walk, the total weight of your backpack equipment becomes an issue and you often wish for a couple of kilograms less on your back.

The Markins compact ball heads in the M10 and M20 series stand the toughest requirements and provide innovative technology such as Progressive Friction Control (PFC). At 510 and 580 grams (1.12 and 1.28 lbs), they are light yet take loads of 40 and 45 kg (respectively 88 and 99 lbs). This gives an exceptional load-to-weight ratio of 78:1.

The progressive friction control knob locks the ball securely inrespectively any position, and the integrated panorama base allows the head to be turned 360 degrees for exact camera panning. Coming with the standard 1/4” and 3/8” windings, the ball heads can be used on any standard tripod.

The M10 and M20 Q-Ball ball heads are made of durable, hard-anodized 7075-T6 Duraluminum. They are self-cleaning and nearly maintenance free.

The easy to operate quick release shoe is compatible with Kirk, Foba, RRS and Arca Swiss. Various quick connect camera plates are available which stay on the camera and tele lenses.

The suggested retail price for Markins M10 is 330.00 EUR incl. quick release shoe and VAT excl. plates. Camera plates are available starting at 40.00 EUR incl. VAT.

Markins products are available throughout Europe through the distributor Nikonians EMEA and online in the Nikonians Pro Shop at

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Ball heads typically show a load-to-weight ratio between 20:1 and 50:1. Because of Markins patented PFC system, using a triple bi-axial mechanism to securely lock the ball, the M10 and M20 ball heads shows a load-to-weight ratio of 78:1, which is significantly higher than of other manufacturers.

The hard anodizing or hard coating process
Markins ball heads have a hard anodized surface making them nearly unscratchable. Hard anodizing is an electrochemical process where a layer of the aluminium is converted into aluminium oxide. The resulting oxide layer between (25 and 50µm thick) merges with the aluminium, giving the ball head excellent protection and a long life.

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Since 1998, Markins manufactures professional camera support systems. Due to the excellent quality and price-performance ratio, the products have become the insiders’ first choice for professional camera support.

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