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Policies on using our logo
Please always adhere to the following guidelines when you are using our logo in any offline or online media:
1) If used online, always link the logo to the URL "www.nikonians.org".
2) If used offline, always include the complete URL "www.nikonians.org" in any text relating to Nikonians.
3) Always include one Registered Trademark symbol (R) the first time you are using the word "Nikonians".
Nikonians is a registered trademark in several countries.

Our colors
Web #F8962A / CMYK 0,49,94,0 / RGB 248,150,42 /
Web #F5802A / CMYK 0,61,94,0 / RGB 245,128,42 /
Web #25223F / CMYK 86,84,42,53 / RGB 37,34,63 /
Web #000000 / CMYK 75,68,67,90 / RGB 0,0,0 /