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The team behind this community of dedicated Nikon users is continuously working on keeping it an interesting and fun place to be at. If you want to be a team member, please get in touch with us. To get more information about what it means to be a team member, you may want to check out this. Additional information from and on the team will be included here periodically.

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The Team
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Nikonians Academy Faculty
Nikonians Writers

Nikonians Writers

These gentleman are the Nikonians who write articles for the Resources, The Nikonian eZine and other communication channels, helping us to continuously expand our knowledge base
Tom Boné

Jeremy Bourassa

Claus Brandt

Jerry Burnell

Bill Claff Philippe Clément
Tom Boné - flashdeadline
Jeremy Bourassa - balls007
Jerry Burnell Bill Claff -bclaff Phillipe Clement - Photophil
Nikonian in the USA
username Balls007
Nikonian in Canada
username CB
Nikonian in Germany
Jerry Burnell
Nikonian in USA
username bclaff
Nikonian in the USA
username Photophil
Netherlands Nikonian

Rob Cruse Roger Eritja Edward Erkes Paul Fisher Chris Gray Armando J Heredia
Rob Cruse - anitasm Roger Eritja - eritja Edward Erkes - EdErkes12 Paul Fisher Chris Gray - wpgf100 Armando J. Heredia - Covey22
username anitasm
Nikonian in Australia
username eritja
Nikonian in Spain
Nikonian in the USA
Nikonian in Australia
username wpgf100
Nikonian in Canada
usrname Covey22
Nikonian in the USA

Tom F. Hoey Bob Johnson Steven Johnson  Wayne Lorimer  George Mann  Don McVey
Tom F. Hoey - tfhoey Bob Johnson - bobj Steven Johnson - reuben Wayne Lorimer - w_lorimer George Lindemann  Don McVey - DWM
username tfhoey
Nikonian in the USA
username bobj
Nikonian in the USA
username reuben
Nikonian in the USA
New Zealand
George Mann
Nikonian in Thailand
username DWM
Nikonian in the USA

Victor F. Newman B. J. Nicholls Niel Van Niekerk Luc Van Nieuwenhove  Jason P. Odell Björn Olin
 Victor F. Newman - vfnewman BJNicholls Neil Van Niekerk - Saxofonix Luc Van Nieuwenhove - LucVN Jason P Odell - DrJay32 Björn Olin - essingen
username vfnewman
Nikonian in the USA
username BJNicholls
Nikonian in the USA
username Saxofonix
Nikonian in Australia
username LucVN
Nikonian in Belgium
username DrJay32
Nikonian in the USA
username essingen
Nikonian in Sweden

Chuon-Szen Ong  Marsel Van Oosten Allan Schroeder Al Smith Ernesto Santos Lars Troels 
Chuon-Szen Ong -  SzennyBoy Marsel Van Oosten Allan Schroeder - rutherfordphoto Al Smith - f8bthere Ernesto Santos - esantos Lars Troels
username SzennyBoy
Nikonian in the UK
username Marsel
Netherlands Nikonian
Nikonian in Canada
username f8bthere
Nikonian in the USA

username esantos
Nikonian in the USA

Lars Troels
Nikonian in Denmark

Andreas Voigt Rick Walker Darrell Young Russ Barker Jeff Bower Steve Barger
Andreas Voigt - spacer Rick Walker - walkerr Darrell Young - DigitalDarrell
username spacer
Nikonian in Germany

username walkerr
Nikonian in

Nikonian in USA
username LeCCy
Nikonian in the UK
username jdbower
Nikonian in the USA
username sbarger
Nikonian in USA

Hal Becker Mark Wagner Doug Dever Lyle Stavast Georg N. Nyman Romulo Lubachesky
Dr. Georg Nikolaus Nyman
username HBB
Nikonian in the USA
Nikonian in the USA
username f5fstop
Nikonian in the USA
username lstavast
Nikonian in the USA
username gnnyman
Nikonian in Austria
Romulo Lubachesky
Nikonian in Brazil

Ed Alban Bill Staples Don Ferrario

Mark Goodell

Paul Perton

Alan Cliffton
username Ed
Nikonian in Canada
Nikonian in the USA
username nikonlinks
Nikonian in the USA
username Safari
Nikonian in the USA
username paulperton
in South Africa
username AlanC
Nikonian in the UK
  Bo Stahlbrandt J. Ramón Palacios
        Bo Stahlbrandt - bgs

username bgs
Nikonian in Germany
username jrp
Nikonian in Mexico
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