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Nikonians of the Year 2004 Awards

For the second consecutive year, in recognition of the extraordinary Nikonians team, we have the great pleasure to announce here the three Nikonians of the Year 2004 regional winners.

In addition, we wish to present five new awards: Nikonian Moderator of the Year, Lady Nikonian of the Year, Team Member of the Year, Most Improved Photographer of the Year; and Nikonians Highly Meritorious Achievement Award.





username: bobj

Certificate of Appreciation to Team Member
Bob Johnson
Nikonian of the Year 2004 - The Americas
In recognition of his outstanding commitment to the Nikonians community, his outstanding skills as a photographer, and his prolific contributions to the Nikonians forums. For his devotion to teaching and sharing his knowledge and skills with all members of the Nikonians community.

Introduced to photography early in life, after starting out with other brands, he has been exclusively using Nikon cameras for many years now. Early on, a pair of N8008s (F-801s) SLRs comprised the heart of his gear. He then moved to a pair of F100s, using Provia F and Velvia 50, as well as Kodak Ektachrome E100VS. During 2003 he made the leap jump into digital and now shoots with a pair of Nikon D100 digital SLR's.

Bob is a pro who lives in Seattle Washington and is founding member of the Nikonians Workshops Team and the Nikonians Writers Guild.


2004 - EUROPE

username: Len Shepherd

Nikonians Certificate of Appreciation to Member
Leonard Shepherd
Nikonian of the Year 2004 - Europe
In recognition of his outstanding commitment to the Nikonians community, his in-depth knowledge and understanding of the theory and science of photography, his abundant contributions to the Nikonians forums, and his undeterred willingness to share his knowledge among all members of the Nikonians community.

A consummated semi-pro, Len lives in North Yorkshire, in the United Kingdom and shoots no less than 200 rolls of film per year with his F100, now recently upgraded to the F6. His main subjects are wildlife and landscape and is a fervent fan of Fuji slide films, namely Velvia 50, Velvia 100F, Astia; and as for negative film, NPS & NPH.


username: Paul_Fisher

Certificate of Appreciation to Team Member
Paul Fisher
Nikonian of the Year 2004 - Asia Pacific

In recognition of his outstanding commitment to the Nikonians community, sharing his experience as photographer, continuously
helping to maintain civility and providing members with encouragement, sound critique and technical advice in the Picture Forums, with unchallenged dedication, patience, good humor and uncommon humbleness, setting an example of what the Nikonians spirit is all about.

Paul started photography in the mid 1970s with a Rolleiflex SL35. An obsessive photographer for some years, he got back to this passion when he bought his first Nikon (a F60), joined Nikonians and has never looked back. Paul lives in Perth, Western Australia, where he works as a civil engineer.
Paul is our Director of Community Relations and Moderator of A Picture I Took; Galleries Picture of the Week; Positive Critique & Constructive Technical Advice; 3rd Party Lenses; and Other Camera Systems & Formats.

username: drjimbob
Certificate of Appreciation to Team Member
Dr. James Robert Tomerlin
Nikonian Moderator of the Year 2004

In recognition of his outstanding commitment to the Nikonians community as a moderator, most prolific contributor to the forums, and a keen-eyed and constructive photo critic. For maintaining a high level of conviviality at all times, and for extending all new members a warm and cordial welcome, making their first impression of the community a most pleasant experience.

Bob started in photography in the early '70's after the birth of his first son. After virtually ignoring the camera for over 20 years, he started in again and rediscovered his love for the craft. He has been shooting Nikon for more than 5 years and now owns and proudly uses a F100 and a Fuji S2. Every now and then he sells prints at arts fairs, in the hope that his photography will someday be self-supporting. He and his wife, also as a hobby, train puppies for service as guide dogs for the blind.


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