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Answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


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Fri 11-Jul-08 02:48 PM | edited Sun 07-Dec-08 04:41 AM by jrp

This posting has been outdated. Please refer to our wiki instead for a more complete set of Frequently Asked Questions:

We get a lot of questions at the helpdesk. Here is a compilation of the most common ones with answers:

Is there a FAQ for the forums at Nikonians?
Yes, https://wiki.nikonians.org/index.php/FAQ
And it has been expanded with a FAQ for the Nikonians Academy and the PhotoProShop

How can I become a member of Nikonians?
It's easy:

1) Register yourself
Please choose any username that doesn't start with a number
Also make sure you enter your real first and last name

2) Join the members who help to make Nikonians happen.
Upgrade to a full contributing membership. You can buy your Silver, Gold or Platinum Membership in the registration process. See also:

3) Introduce yourself to the community in the New Users forum

4) Participate and enjoy!

I have lost my password, what can I do?
Please remember that your username and password are type case sensitive (UPPER/lower case).
We cannot read the passwords, but you can let the system send you a new one:
1) Shortcut link:

2) Enter your username and your email address (the same address as when you registered) and click the Submit button

Long version:
1) Go to the login page:

2) On the page now being displayed, click the sentence:
"Don't remember your password? Click here to retrieve your password"

3) Enter your username and your email address (the same address as when you registered) and click the Submit button

4) The system will now send you a NEW password via email

5) Login using your new password

I have paid my membership, but I am still not updated, why!?
The change is now instantaneous. If you don't see your membership level icon, it is usually a cookie problem.
Make sure your browser accepts cookies for proper identification.
To make sure it works, delete all of your Nikonians cookies. Close your browser. Re-start it again and login manually here:

I am a Silver member or higher, but my password does not work in the member galleries - Why?
Any changes made to your profile, including password change, are now instantaneous. Please see the next question and answer.

I cannot login in the galleries - Why?

If you are going into the galleries from the forums, and you were logged in, you will be automatically logged in at the galleries.

Any changes made to your profile, including password change are now instantaneous.
After you have received your membership upgrade, make sure that you:
1. Log off
2. Close all browser windows
3. Start your browser again
4. Log back in manually here: https://www.nikonians.org/forums/dcboard.php?az=login
5 If the above doesn't work, logout, then delete all nikonians cookies in your browser and start all over again.

I cannot post in the galleries - Why?
You need to be at least Silver member to be able to post any comments and to have your own images in the galleries. Also, see the above question and answer.

Is there a users guide for the photo galleries?
Yes, thanks to one of our volunteer team members, there is a users guide free of charge right here:

I got an email saying that my paid membership is active, but it is not showing, why?
After you have received your Silver, Gold or Platinum Membership, make sure that you:
1. Log off
2. Close all browser windows
3. Start your browser again
4. Log back in manually
5 If the above doesn't work, logout, then delete all nikonians cookies in your browser and start all over again.

How can I post a question in one of the forums?
Let's say you want to post a topic in the forum "A Picture I Took" forum which is a forum in the forums group "IMAGE SHARING - POST PICTURES FORUMS". Do like this:

1) On the Forums Lobby page of Nikonians.org, use the login fields in the upper right corner

2) Click the "login" button

3) Now select the "IMAGE SHARING - POST PICTURES FORUMS" forums section

4) You will now see a list of forums. Select one by clicking on it.

5) Now you will see the most recent discussion topics in the selected forum. Click the 4th link from the left at the bar which is titled "Post". It has a small page symbol with a pen to the right of it. The link is located above the current topics.

6) Now you will see a page where you can enter a subject and a message. Enter a useful subject and a message.

7) Click the "Post Message" button

8) You will now be brought back to the listing of the current topics. Your newly posted topic will be listed there.

Forums Lobby is the page which shows all groups of forums and lists them all
A forums group or Conference contains several forums
A forum is a place where several topics (discussion threads) are held.

How can I edit my posted message?
You can only edit your own messages within some days after the message has been posted. After that period, you can no longer edit your message.
1) Make sure you're logged in
2) Go to your posted message
3) Click the "Edit" link which is located under your message on the right hand side.

How can I delete my posted message?
You can only edit your own messages within some days after the message has been posted, you can not delete it. After that period, you can no longer edit your message either, but you can use the Alert link and place there a message for the moderators with your request.

How can I change my password?
1) Go to the discussion main page (the "Forums Lobby"):

2) Click "User Menu"

3) Click "Change your password"

Clicking on login link does not take me anywhere - why?
See the answer to "I am using a personal firewall and now I cannot post anything on Nikonians, why?" See below.

I am using a personal firewall and now I cannot post anything on Nikonians, why?
Because your personal firewall or security software blocks our server from writing data to a cookie which is stored on your computer. We need to keep that cookie for our "session management". We take your privacy very seriously and do not use any information for anything else. Please see our Privacy Statement.

Make sure that:

1) You are not using a personal firewall software on your computer. If so, you probably have to change its settings. You must set nikonia.com, nikonian.com, nikonians.com and nikonians.org as trustworthy domains. Depending on your personal firewall, you may need to change different parameters.

Make sure you enable the "REFERRER LOGGING" possibility.

For example in "Norton Internet Security" you probably need to do this:

In the Security Center, do the following:
a) Double click on "Privacy Control"
b) Click on the "Custom Level" button

c1) Deselect "Enable Browser Privacy"

or at least:
c2) Allow "Browser (user-agent)" to be seen.

If you are using a Macintosh with Mac OS X and Netbarrier as your "personal firewall", try this:
- Add the URL of Nikonians to the trusted sites
- Uncheck "hide computer and browser brand" and "last visited page"

2) You are not accessing Nikonians.org in a browser frame (inside a framed window from another site)

3) You are trying to login from the homepage or the Forums Lobby page:

4) You have cookies enabled in your browser.

If you are using ZONE ALARM:

1. Setup the Trusted Sites (nikonia.com, nikonian.com, nikonians.com & nikonians.org) in IE. (TOOLS > INTERNET OPTIONS > SECURITY > TRUSTED SITES > SITES)

2. Open ZA Pro. Goto FIREWALL tab on the left side of screen... and ZONES tab on top of the screen. Add the same URLs used in TRUSTED SITES for IE here. Make sure they are listed as HOST SITE under Entry Type.

3. You may find that a restart of IE, or a warm-boot, is needed to implement the changes.

How can I change my email address used for sending me emails from the community?
1) Login

2) Click the "User Menu" link at the top of the main conferences page ("the Lobby")

3) Select the "Edit your preferences" link

You will see the field for email account at the left side

4) You now see your account information. Edit your email address.

5) Click the "Update My Profile" button at the lower left of the page

6) That's it

I cannot buy anything in your shop, why?
1) If you are using a personal software firewall, such as the Symantec Internet Security, it per default blocks the data the shop needs to proceed with the order. If you are using such a software, make sure you are allowing data to be posted to us (also via the URL), that cookies are allowed and that the domain www.photoproshop.com is set as a trusted domain
2) Make sure your browser allows cookies
3) If you are using an old, generation 4.X browser, it might be the problem.

Also see the additional information on payments in the shop:

If that does not help you, please use the contact form in the shop and we will help out asap.

How can I attach an image to my posting?
This feature is only available to Silver Members and up.
To attach an image to your message, do like this:
In the "post message" window:

1) Click the link "Click here to choose your file"

2) In the pop up window, click the button "Browse..."

3) Select the file you want to upload from your computer. It must be smaller than 70 150 KByte and no larger than 640 900 pixels at its longest side. Make sure you select the right type for the file (default is "JPEG picture", jpg file extension).

4) Click the button "Upload File!"

5) Click the link "Close this Window"

6) Click the "Post Message" button in the original post window

Also see:

Where and how many photos can I upload or post in forums ?
You may post a photo in any forum where it is appropriate to the forum topic. In doing so, please abide by section 3 in our Terms of Use: https://www.nikonians.org/html/about/terms_of_use.html

How can I include a link to my gallery in my signature?

First go to your Nikonians gallery and in the address bar, highlight the part of the address starting with "www". Copy this to the clipboard using {Control}C or {Command}C on a Macintosh.

From the Forums Lobby page, click on the User menu. This will take you to a User Menu of options - click on it, then choose Edit your preferences. Click on the "General" tab, and note the box labeled "Signature".

In the signature box, type {link: then paste in the gallery address you just saved, then type |My Nikonians Gallery} (with square brackets)
Remember to write "link" as shown; "Link" or "LINK" will produce an error.

It should look like this:

{link:images.nikonians.org/galleries/showgallery.php?cat=500&ppuser=5215|My Nikonians gallery} with square brackets.

Save your changes, and next time you post your signature will include a direct link to your gallery.

What is the "buddy list"?
The "buddy list" is only used as a scrap book, i.e. it does not add any new functionality per se. It makes it easier to send members emails or online messages, should these be active in the members user preferences.

Do you have a direct contact with Nikon?
We are in contact with various Nikon national distributors for certain events and workshops where we are getting sponsored, but that's it. Although we are Nikon lovers, we are independent.

Where can I read about how you guys started?
The genesis page might be a good start.

Is it true that you also have workshops?
Yes. Early 2005 Nikonians decided to extend the learning at the forums into a small classroom environment, to shorten the learning curve and answer to your own specific questions. That is how the Nikonians Academy was born. Today it offers workshops to Master your Nikon Camera and your Workflow in over 23 cities throughout the USA and Canada. We hope to soon expand further. The Nikonians Academy also offers field workshops at exciting locations.

Is there any way to change the black background?
Yes, after login, from the Forums Lobby bar go to "User Menu", once there click on "Edit your preferences" or use this direct link
At the left menu you will see "Preferred skin" at the bottom (just above "Preferred Language").
In the drop-down menu of it choose "Nikonians V2.0"
Then click on the "Update My Profile" button at the lower left of the page.

Bo Stahlbrandt - Founder & Administrator. I am mainly located in Bratislava, Slovakia.
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