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Nikkor Autofocus Lenses

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VR, high ISO, long exposure, FOG - Nikon's warning

20-Jul-20 09:41 AM by slothead   Posted 23-Sep-16 10:45 AM by Ferguson Team Member Fellow Ribbon awarded for the generous sharing of his high level expertise in the spirit of ...

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Glossary of NIKKOR lens terms

07-Jan-20 01:43 PM by meadowlark2   Posted 01-Feb-19 01:20 PM by Asgard Administrator He is your Chief Guardian Angel at the Helpdesk and knows a lot about a lot Ribbon awarded for his continuous help to members

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Useful References for Nikkor Lenses

14-Jan-19 07:27 AM by kshapero   Posted 08-May-09 10:01 AM by User

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Understanding Macro Lens Apertures (Micro-Nikkors)...

27-Aug-16 12:09 AM by Tokyo_John   Posted 29-Dec-02 07:02 AM by User

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All of our Nikkor lens related articles

16-Oct-14 10:42 AM   Posted 16-Oct-14 10:42 AM by bgs Administrator One of the two c-founders, expert in several areas Awarded for his valuable Nikon product reviews at the Resources

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Autofocus calibration target.

26-Jan-21 10:50 PM by wile e coyote   Posted 23-Jan-21 10:00 PM by Pete O

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New 24-70 F2.8 VR Not happy? Help!

26-Jan-21 04:39 PM by mjcmt   Posted 25-Oct-20 10:36 AM by arhodes

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Replacement Knob for tripod foot - SOLVED

23-Jan-21 11:34 PM by MEMcD   Posted 23-Jan-21 02:41 PM by DeanAZ Gold Member Expert nature photographer

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Nikkor 180mm f/2.8D ED-IF

21-Jan-21 01:45 PM by mjcmt   Posted 14-Jan-21 12:17 PM by pendennis Silver Member

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Question about Pricing On Nikon 18-140 Zoom

20-Jan-21 02:23 PM by MEMcD   Posted 20-Jan-21 09:51 AM by RockyBennett Silver Member

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nikon 300 f4

19-Jan-21 08:58 PM by mjcmt   Posted 14-Jan-21 10:39 AM by woodenkayakguy

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Mid range zoom wanted

19-Jan-21 11:50 AM by ky1z   Posted 03-Jan-21 07:13 AM by miltonpics Gold Member

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16-35 vs 14-24

09-Jan-21 03:29 PM by Montereyman   Posted 10-Nov-20 05:22 PM by sdloeffler Silver Member

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Nikon AF-P 70-300mm Telephoto Lens Question

08-Jan-21 12:36 AM by wile e coyote   Posted 06-Jan-21 09:02 PM by philbow8427

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200-500 Nikkor rear lens cap

29-Dec-20 08:38 PM by MEMcD   Posted 28-Dec-20 02:51 PM by paball Silver Member

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Nikon with all-in-one zoom lens vs. all-in-one camera?

29-Dec-20 06:02 PM by MEMcD   Posted 25-Dec-20 09:32 PM by RobCS1

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70-300 or 70-200 f4 with teleconverter to get to 300

27-Dec-20 04:57 PM by MEMcD   Posted 19-Sep-14 09:16 AM by bradbort

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Teleconverters for Mirrorless Wildlife Photography

27-Dec-20 11:18 AM by geoffco   Posted 17-Dec-20 11:00 AM by geoffco Silver Member

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How useful is a 35mm f1.8 Lens

26-Dec-20 10:00 AM by burdicda   Posted 07-Nov-20 04:47 PM by photphil Silver Member

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Do I need the 600mm prime?

24-Dec-20 10:17 PM by ericbowles   Posted 21-Dec-20 12:26 PM by jlevine

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zoom lenses for both D610 and D3200

12-Dec-20 09:53 PM by AWD265   Posted 31-Oct-20 11:52 AM by completedistortion

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Better lenes for Nikon D3

10-Dec-20 10:31 PM by glxman   Posted 29-Nov-20 12:41 AM by Larry E30 Gold Member Donor Ribbon awarded for his generous support to the Fundraising Campaign 2014

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Nikon 28-300 lens issue

09-Dec-20 11:47 PM by MEMcD   Posted 08-Dec-20 04:52 PM by clarkwdayphoto

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35mm or 50mm?

05-Dec-20 08:48 AM by mjcmt   Posted 19-Aug-20 05:49 PM by mjcmt

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Feed back needed on older 300mm lens.

04-Dec-20 08:53 AM by aaatruck74   Posted 28-Nov-20 07:37 PM by aaatruck74 Silver Member

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Anyone traded their earlier 200-500mm lens for new one?

01-Dec-20 07:46 PM by RobCS1   Posted 28-Nov-20 09:01 PM by RobCS1

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Need Travel lens: Nikon AF P 70-300 or Nikon 28-300mm

01-Dec-20 07:41 PM by RobCS1   Posted 19-Nov-20 06:52 PM by RobCS1

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Button on the lens

30-Nov-20 05:14 PM by MEMcD   Posted 29-Nov-20 01:33 PM by ScottBenson

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Dynamic auto focusing with D7100 in video mode

30-Nov-20 10:21 AM by mcurrie   Posted 29-Nov-20 08:20 PM by pmgar Silver Member

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Thoughts on 28mm f1.8 G?

29-Nov-20 02:32 AM by artAlexion   Posted 27-Nov-20 10:31 AM by snegron Silver Member