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Learn here how to master Wildlife Photography. Be inspired by the images posted by members who share with you both gear tips, technique and art; lens usage, camera settings, composition, post-processing, etc.
Moderators: dwr857, Kipmm, Dubes, jtmcg, BSchirm, cchoc, glxman, JonK, dm1dave, dclarhorn
Sun 25-Jun-17 05:32 PM
RE: Canada Goose ( E...
by Asgard
24450 topics
257871 messages
Discussions regarding the multiple aspects -technical and artistic- of Landscape and Nature photography
Moderators: dm1dave, dwr857, jtmcg, spiritualized67, BSchirm, ericbowles, Marjani, cchoc, JonK, esantos, ScottChapin
Sun 25-Jun-17 04:26 PM
RE: PEI Lighthouse...
by Asgard
10802 topics
104236 messages
Micro, Macro & Close-up
The forum for anything regarding up close photography; both technical and artistic issues.
Moderators: coolmom42, domer2760, Dubes, jtmcg, BSchirm, ericbowles, cchoc, dm1dave
Sun 25-Jun-17 12:02 PM
RE: Milk Drops...
by Mannheim62
8721 topics
64159 messages
Forum for sports and action photography.
Images, equipment and technique about sporting events and their surroundings. Cameras, camera settings (af/manual, metering...), recommended lenses, flash/strobes ... athletes, riders, fans, cheerleaders, coaches, officials, other photogs, tailgate parties, bands, victory celebrations...
Moderators: dm1dave, rmigliaccio, jtmcg, reuben
Fri 23-Jun-17 10:24 PM
"Hot town -- summer ...
by ajdooley
7999 topics
60427 messages
Motor Sports
Master Motor Sports Photography, share your images and the excitement of motor vehicles. Photos of cars, motorcycles, trucks, off-road vehicles, motor boats, etc., whether stationary or in motion. When tracking subjects at high speed, learn from the experts the tricks of the trade to achieve better results; inspire and be inspired in this forum.
Moderators: blw
Thu 22-Jun-17 08:22 PM
RE: Lincoln Zephyr...
by txstone12
664 topics
4010 messages
PJ, PR & Street
The forum for People Photography: Photojournalism, PR News and Street Photography related issues, from ethics to practice, gear and technique, and images.
Moderators: flashdeadline, NRandall, spiritualized67
Sat 24-Jun-17 04:54 PM
RE: Beach Boardwalk ...
by Bob32
2001 topics
15228 messages
Stage, Clubs, Concerts & Nightlife
The place for all of you who like the smoky close-in of the club
shot, the wide angle of the opera or just a nice long tele, cropping
the face of the star at the latest Rock im Palast, or the neon lights
of the night.
Moderators: km6xz, JonK
Sun 28-May-17 04:24 PM
RE: Photographers ge...
by shadowman371
1023 topics
5943 messages
Architecture & Industrial Photography
Forum for urban architectural and industrial photography related topics and images
Moderators: NRandall, MEMcD, avm247
Tue 20-Jun-17 03:05 PM
RE: Kansas City Skyl...
by markgreenberg
2060 topics
15428 messages
Weddings & Events
Forum for wedding and social events photography
Moderators: Puddlepyrate2013
Sun 25-Jun-17 03:26 AM
RE: First wedding af...
by elcee
2944 topics
23763 messages
Glamour & Portrait, Studio & Still Life
The forum for glamour & portrait, commercial, studio and still life photography.
Moderators: Martin Turner
Tue 20-Jun-17 02:43 AM
RE: Airplane...
by JonK
5143 topics
35031 messages
This is the place to discuss travel photography, locations and logistics. For Nikonians trips and tours and to organise local get-togethers and shoots, see the Nikonians Meet forum.
Moderators: dm1dave, spiritualized67, BSchirm, Ned_L, cchoc, ScottChapin
Sun 25-Jun-17 04:54 PM
RE: Packing for Safa...
by raniles
2708 topics
20841 messages
Airplanes, helicopters, dirigibles and ballons; hangars and airfields; pilots; airshows.
Moderators: flashdeadline, Covey22, ScottChapin
Sun 25-Jun-17 04:02 PM
RE: Waco...
by Asgard
1379 topics
10764 messages
Infrared & Ultraviolet
Everything related to the craft and art of Infrared and Ultraviolet Photography
Moderators: domer2760, kds315, ericbowles
Sun 25-Jun-17 04:15 PM
RE: IR camera sugges...
by domer2760
1121 topics
7839 messages
Panoramic image making, art and techniques, specific software and resulting photo sharing discussions. Max image pixel size suggested is 1280 pixels wide with a 300Kb file weight limit.
Moderators: cchoc, esantos
Sat 17-Jun-17 12:30 PM
RE: Hinchinbrook Isl...
by glxman
1251 topics
6815 messages
Underwater & Aquatic Life
We always thought Nikonians should have an underwater photography forum. Here it is. Enjoy.
Moderators: jrp, Marjani
Tue 07-Mar-17 01:49 PM
RE: dicapac for d90...
by lauritz melchoir
495 topics
2657 messages
Time-Lapse Photography
Welcome to the Time-Lapse Photography forum. Take a look at [link:vimeo.com/32715728|this example]
Moderators: DennisOwens
Wed 07-Jun-17 03:48 PM
RE: Fractal - A supe...
by shipsupt
164 topics
917 messages
This is the forum to discuss shooting the moon, shooting the stars, star trails, and events such as eclipses, comets, etc. Welcome. Enjoy!
Moderators: dwr857, DennisOwens, James23p
Sat 24-Jun-17 07:59 AM
RE: M5 A large globu...
by bjorn_nexo
636 topics
4677 messages
Digital Artistry
Welcome to the Digital Artistry forum. This is the forum for significantly manipulated digitally for creative effect, whether made on film or on a digital camera and/or in post-processing. Intentional Camera Movement or ICM is of course included. You may post ... Just for sharing and general comments For comments on technique, the methods and/or software used For critique Just make sure to let readers know what is your wish.
Moderators: domer2760, JonK
Sun 25-Jun-17 04:14 PM
RE: Leaf In Colored ...
by Asgard
528 topics
3197 messages
NEF Processing Skills
The NEF Processing Skills forum is for the uploading and downloading of NEF files, enabling the sharing of techniques and creative ideas across the Nikonians community. This forum is open for posting by our Silver, Gold and Platinum members, but everyone can read.
Moderators: walkerr, Martin Turner, mnbuilder49, BSchirm, ericbowles, cchoc, JonK, esantos, ScottChapin
Thu 18-May-17 05:36 PM
RE: How to fix a blo...
by GeorgeBrown
69 topics
878 messages