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Post-Processing & Workflow

This is a forum Adobe Post-ProcessingFor all discussions on Adobe postprocessing software products, like Adobe Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, Adobe Bridge, Adobe Photoshop Lightroom
Moderators: dm1dave, cchoc, JonK, esantos
Wed 26-Apr-17 06:57 PM
Imports not displayi...
by DaveP142
2952 topics
22018 messages
This is a forum Apple Post-ProcessingThe forum for Apple Aperture, Raw Developer, Raw Photo Processor and more
Moderators: esantos
Tue 04-Apr-17 12:02 PM
RE: How do I get unc...
by mikerofoto
285 topics
1918 messages
This is a forum Nikon & Nikonians SoftwareEverything related to the mastering of Nikon and Nikonians imaging software. Nikon View / Nikon Transfer / Nikon Capture / Nikon Capture NX / Nikon Capture NX2 / PictureProject & Camera Control. Nikonians Software is here too and it includes Annotate! by Nikonians.
Moderators: ericbowles, JonK, esantos
Mon 24-Apr-17 11:35 PM
RE: Enable/disable a...
by glxman
1699 topics
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This is a forum PhaseOne - Capture One ProPostprocessing with Capture One Pro by PhaseOne
Moderators: esantos
Mon 20-Mar-17 10:36 AM
RE: How to delete an...
by hobieboy
76 topics
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This is a forum HDR SoftwareHow to make the most out of the High Dynamic Range advanced technique is what this forum is all about, using Photomatix and other HDR software
Moderators: mnbuilder49, cchoc, JonK, esantos
Thu 13-Apr-17 04:02 PM
RE: The Little Girl ...
by DaynLarz
1221 topics
8215 messages
This is a forum Plug-InsThis forum is for software plug-ins
Moderators: Martin Turner, esantos
Mon 24-Apr-17 07:09 PM
RE: Focus Magic plug...
by jrp
305 topics
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A general, generic topic



Photoshop NEF plugin question.

27-Aug-02 02:34 PM by mrdinh   Posted by Hendrik

This is a hot, active topic!



Differences between ViewNX, Capture NX2 and Lightroom

03-Sep-09 10:18 AM by jjchappell   Posted by CSquaredC2

This is a hot, active topic!



Capture NX

27-Apr-06 08:25 PM by Mikebj   Posted by Lag

This is a hot, active topic!



Am I a lone wolf? (Non-Adobe workflow)

13-Apr-17 05:38 PM by Mithel   Posted by HDJeff Silver Member

This is a hot, active topic!



NX(t) to nothing...

18-Dec-07 09:34 PM by Succat   Posted by gaperklake Silver Member

A topic tagged as someone looking for information



Get discounts up to 25% on exciting software.

26-Jan-10 04:17 AM by sidewinder   Posted by Hendric

A topic tagged as having a question



Adding watermark/signature to photos

17-May-08 09:02 AM by stormy_monday   Posted by DHF

This is a hot, active topic!



Photoshop 7.0.1 update available...

06-Nov-02 12:13 PM by johnr43   Posted by BJNicholls Awarded for his contributions to the community and the Resources

A general, generic topic



Resizing Example - D70 to Nikonians

24-Nov-09 06:54 PM by olivierrychner   Posted by bclaff Awarded for multiple contributions for the Resources

This is a hot, active topic!



New: Nikon View NX, Transfer and Picture Project Export

14-Sep-07 03:12 PM by bowmah   Posted by Covey22 Gold Member Expert in various fields including aviation photography Awarded for his contributions to the Resources and The Nikonian eZine

This is a hot, active topic!



Capture NX Installation & Runtime Failure

08-Aug-06 05:49 PM by katmaibear   Posted by michael1778

This is a hot, active topic!



New version of Capture NX!!!!!

18-Jan-07 12:45 AM by spcline   Posted by Curtisj2 Silver Member

A general, generic topic



picture project 1.7

29-Nov-06 12:14 PM by sempai_26921   Posted by sempai_26921

A topic tagged as having a question



Nikon View vs Photo Mechanic

10-Sep-09 10:28 AM by mburke   Posted by liverfixer

This is a hot, active topic!



ViewNX Feature Summary

17-Sep-07 04:28 PM by James23p   Posted by walkerr Administrator Awarded for his con tributed articles published at the Resources Awarded for his in-depth knowledge in multiple areas Master Ribbon awarded as a member who has gone beyond technical knowledge to show mastery of... Donor Ribbon awarded for his most generous support to the Fundraising Campaign 2015

This is a hot, active topic!



NEF vs DNG vs TIF vs JPG

11-Nov-08 10:16 AM by RogerGW   Posted by Ed Macke

This is a hot, active topic!




31-Dec-13 05:45 AM by robsb   Posted by mdonovan Gold Member

A general, generic topic



Lightroom vs. iPhoto

01-May-07 01:46 PM by john4jack   Posted by john4jack

This is a hot, active topic!



Photoshop CS for $299.00

14-Sep-04 10:05 PM by vettelover   Posted by ballroom_boy

This is a hot, active topic!



Color (ICM) Profiles for PhotoShop

30-Dec-00 02:38 AM by zackchan   Posted by zackchan

This is a hot, active topic!



Capture NX2 problem

30-Aug-08 02:07 AM by Scooter   Posted by gwpics

A topic tagged as in need of help



Capture Nx Serial Number

23-Jun-08 06:09 AM by RonWard   Posted by ian_scott

This is a hot, active topic!



Nikon Capture NX - first impressions

11-Jul-06 11:55 AM by bobj   Posted by wailingtoad

This is a hot, active topic!



Switch from RAW to JPG. Critique my rationale...

09-Aug-08 06:25 PM by Socrates   Posted by TXCiclista

A general, generic topic



Best NEF Converter

20-Aug-06 04:00 PM by catfell   Posted by Giorgi

A general, generic topic



How to resize image to 300dpi in Photoshop?

22-Jun-01 04:28 PM by BJNicholls   Posted by shutterbugrn

This is a hot, active topic!



Capture NX... yikes on price

26-Jun-06 08:31 PM by DeadKenny   Posted by ChrisSLC

A general, generic topic



DrJay's NX2 Review featured in eZine 39

10-Jul-08 03:56 PM   Posted by flashdeadline Administrator Expert professional photojournalist Awarded for his multiple contributions to the eZine, Newsletters and more

A topic tagged as news



Nikonians Capture NX Workshops in North America

19-Jan-07 06:35 AM by jrp   Posted by jrp Administrator JRP is one of the co-founders, has in-depth knowledge in various areas. Awarded for his contributions for the Resources

A topic tagged as having a question



Why won't ViewNX convert to JPG after file saved in Cap...

27-Oct-08 08:36 AM by Danno111   Posted by Danno111

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