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"RE: Z 85 f1.8 lens"

km6xz Silver Member Awarded for his in-depth knowledge in various areas, including Portraits and Urban Photography Nikonian since 22nd Jan 2009
Sat 21-Nov-20 01:28 PM
My recommendation is not to get S lenses if you have F mount lens you like and paid a lot for.
Why they are not recommended? Simple: Every S lenses released so far is optically superior to every F mount of the same focal length. I do a lot of portraits and other uses of mid to short telephoto focal lengths and have a 85 1.4G, Sigma ART 85 1.4, Nikon, 85 1.8G, 50mm 1.4G, 1.8G, Sigma 50 ART 1.4, 1.2 AIS mf and the only ones that come close in the very center of the frame are the more expensive heavy ART lenses. But, moving away from the center of the frame, the S lenses pull away easily. You can see the difference with unaided eye towards the corners, even just in the EVF.
Another benefit of the S lenses is how well there handle light sources in or just outside the frame, very controlled unlike any of the larger F lenses. Like that sunset portrait backlit by the setting sun produces no unwanted artifacts.
The Z mount is the best one in the industry, it allows designing very high performance lenses with fewer elements and complexity. Even the kit 24-70 f/4 most of us got as as the Z6/7 kit, is EXCELLENT, better than my f/2.8 24-70. The more expensive larger 2.8 version 24-70 S competes very favorably with top primes in the center and beats them in the corners.
So, if you like your collection of F lenses on a FTZ adaptor...I warn not get a 85 or 50 1.8 S, because you will not be so happy with them anymore.
Nikon make it essential, almost, for customers to buy lots of S lenses for which there are no 3rd party competitors because they are addictive.
The 50mm might be a better choice however unless you like the higher compression look of a 127mm portrait look...I do...the 50mm on crop is close to the look of 85mm with its crop field of view of a 75mm lens. The 50 would have more applications and the 35mm S on a Z50 has a field of view of 52.5mm which is a very versatile walking around lens and good for portraits for full length less close up portraits. Wider angle lenses distort based on distance so the tip of the nose appears larger and closer than the eyes or ears if shot close. But some styles of photography of people where parts of a body or face are artificially emphasized on purpose, use even wider angle lenses.

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