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Z6II has better image quality than expected

km6xz km6xz

Is from: St Petersburg, RU
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"RE: Z6II has better image quality than expected"

km6xz Silver Member Awarded for his in-depth knowledge in various areas, including Portraits and Urban Photography Nikonian since 22nd Jan 2009
Tue 17-Nov-20 07:04 AM
The situation with influencers is shaking the traditional print and broadcast promotion to its core. Madison Avenue ad agencies are all seeing serious declines in revenue, 50% down from 10 years ago and the remaining big accounts are from companies with retirement age officers so the big agencies might disappear. Ford spends $3000 per vehicle sold in conventional media. Tesla spends Zero on ads, Ford has seen a 32% drop in sales this year while Tesla has 50% increase every year for the last 6 years.
Youtube is the difference....besides old fashion pickup trucks are falling out of favor.
Social media, Instagram and Youtube have created an entirely new industry that requires no investment in money or training that creates a great deal of income to some. A media expert friend of mine, self-taught consultant and whose 1 hour a night(after the two little children are asleep) she creates photogenic healthy kids foods, and on Instagram a lone nets $20,000 a month for her 30 postings a month. Food distributors pay her to use their ingredients and then the ad revenue adds up to that.
She broke down the income of a channel like Jarad Polan and the Northcut couple and she put their reach data into her spreadsheet and came up with his income from Youtube, plus commissions on sales is currently $2,900,000 per year. The Couple are earning about $5 million year steering people to their channel and than to cameras where ad revenue from YouTube plus direct payment for promoting the brands. I know a number o people who post a new video every other day, and have 500,000 followers and sometimes 1 million views and get ad revenue from YouTube in the high $400k a year for such things as trying clothes sent by manufactures , they are called Try-on Hauls, where usually an attractive girl tries on the free clothes sent, usually 4-10 items. She can make $900k a year since there is no heavy production just an iPhone and tripod or sometimes a video camera, in a bedroom or other space.
This is a tremendous bargain for the manufacture that gets great sales responce $1mil per showing.
Sony probably gets 80% of their sales from a dozen or so high volume YouTube channels. If they paid each one a few hundred thousand that cut the cost of sales by 90%. A large portion of the channel's income if from getting a cut of YouTube ad income from companies that buy ad time to run every few minutes in videos. One guy I know earns $3,000,000 a year from videos where he just chats but sometimes shows how he makes his money showing the accounting record sent monthly from YouTube.
Nikon needs some new blood in their marketing department. Since Canon switched from mass print ads to supporting YouTube channels their sales have taken off. Some whizkid with a computer could turn Nikon's sales up 3 notches in a couple of months. The Sony reps are told to stress AF, Nikon could stress image quality and build/handling etc. Cut their print ads and find 10 good on-air personalities. But I suspect Nikon is a bit conservative and old school and will waste its money on print ads and billboards. The problem is not their products, it is a mid-20th-century marketing department head. Nikon could stress connectivity also, Z cameras are really good about wireless connectivity. The should also have a grip that has a modernized version of the WT-7 high-speed wi-fi adaptor built-in. $700 that adaptor is pretty outrageous considering the RF module in it is about $10. Having a 1 or more gigabit per second wireless transfer to remote computers or a local access point up to 660 feet away would be very attractive to pros and advanced amateurs alike if they only knew about it. If the lowered the price by installing it in a grip, that would be a major advantage in the market. To get that grip,one needs to buy a Z7/6 2 and S lenses. I have a WT-7 and it works great for transfers in near real-time for slide show display at a convention or wedding reception. For weddings, I rent a large screen TV and 1 second after the first shot is taken it appears on the large screen. No other brand has such a great wireless tethering option. You can even use to send bulk files to a remote server, in my case in my home, via FTP. It is sad to think these great cameras are losing due to outdated marketing, not engineering or quality. Simply put, I get better images than my friends with a73 cameras. And they are IN FOCUS, regardless of the theme, the YouTube personalities claim.
St Petersburg Russia

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A general, generic topic Z6II has better image quality than expected [View all] , FFN Gold Member Ribbon awarded for his generous support to the Fundraising Campaign 2014 Ribbon awarded for his generous support to the Fundraising Campaign 2017-2018 , Wed 11-Nov-20 11:59 AM
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Reply message RE: Z6II has better image quality than expected
Reply message RE: Z6II has better image quality than expected
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          Reply message RE: Z6II has better image quality than expected
Reply message RE: Z6II has better image quality than expected