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Nikkor Autofocus Lenses

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Over a Century of Nikkor lenses - A video celebration

17-Mar-18 11:44 PM by jrp   Posted by jrp Administrator JRP is one of the co-founders, has in-depth knowledge in various areas. Awarded for his contributions for the Resources

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Useful References for Nikkor Lenses

13-Feb-17 11:48 AM by edinx   Posted by User

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VR, high ISO, long exposure, FOG - Nikon's warning

28-Sep-16 06:44 PM by blw   Posted by Ferguson Team Member Fellow Ribbon awarded for the generous sharing of his high level expertise in the spirit of ...

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Understanding Macro Lens Apertures (Micro-Nikkors)...

27-Aug-16 12:09 AM by Tokyo_John   Posted by User

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All of our Nikkor lens related articles

16-Oct-14 10:42 AM   Posted by bgs Administrator One of the two c-founders, expert in several areas Awarded for his valuable Nikon product reviews at the Resources

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AF-S with back-button focus. Is it ever necessary?

13-Aug-18 11:22 AM by blw   Posted by kenneyty Gold Member

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Nikkor 50mm f/1.8 AF made in Japan?

13-Aug-18 10:40 AM by MEMcD   Posted by PlainsDrifter Silver Member

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Focus problem.

12-Aug-18 10:27 AM by serrano481   Posted by serrano481

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Best lens to copy old pictures?

11-Aug-18 11:12 AM by DaveP142   Posted by Mark37814 Silver Member

A topic tagged as having a question



Crop Factor and F Stop

11-Aug-18 10:30 AM by Strada_Facendo   Posted by pfinfante Gold Member

A topic tagged as in need of help



Nikon AF-S NIKKOR 70-200mm f/2.8E FL ED VR Lens

11-Aug-18 08:38 AM by blw   Posted by pfinfante Gold Member

A general, generic topic



Tripod mounting ring

10-Aug-18 10:04 AM by wile e coyote   Posted by wile e coyote

A general, generic topic



Auto Focus on 55 - 200 f4 - 5.6

09-Aug-18 06:20 PM by DaveP142   Posted by cliddell Silver Member

A general, generic topic



Constant Aperture Zoom Lens??!!

09-Aug-18 05:25 PM by MEMcD   Posted by rncb2blue

A general, generic topic



Need For Portrait Lens for D850

08-Aug-18 10:42 AM by klrbee25   Posted by bobby1949 Gold Member

A general, generic topic



20mm,24mm f2.8 AF D lenses for 24MP?

07-Aug-18 04:50 PM by DaveP142   Posted by DaveP142 Silver Member

A general, generic topic



50mm FX lens on DX camera

07-Aug-18 01:41 PM by MEMcD   Posted by Cheryl Schindler

This is a hot, active topic!



What makes a lens specific to a crop sensor camera?

06-Aug-18 10:08 AM by Zone99   Posted by Zone99 Silver Member

This is a hot, active topic!



International (or Domestic) Travel Kit

05-Aug-18 07:35 PM by kmcgrew   Posted by stlsailor Gold Member

A general, generic topic



AF-S VR Micro-Nikkor 105mm f/2.8G IF-ED comments?

04-Aug-18 08:05 AM by kmcgrew   Posted by kmcgrew Silver Member

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D500 lens options for a South Africa Safari.

01-Aug-18 03:21 PM by george_51   Posted by george_51 Silver Member

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Lens Selection For Real Estate

30-Jul-18 06:09 PM by ajdooley   Posted by PSAGuy Silver Member

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Flash for D7100

30-Jul-18 01:27 PM   Posted by tchellaram Silver Member

A general, generic topic



VR best practice?

29-Jul-18 11:24 PM by glxman   Posted by glxman Moderator Awarded for his high level skills, specially in Wildlife & Landscape Photography

A general, generic topic



D750 and travel lens?

29-Jul-18 05:48 PM by Gupta   Posted by Mikey271 Silver Member

A general, generic topic



28mm 1.8G or 35mm 1.8G for my D610? Trying to decide.

29-Jul-18 02:30 PM by plankowner110   Posted by plankowner110 Silver Member

This is a hot, active topic!



But which 24 - 70mm lens?

26-Jul-18 12:37 PM by geraldroliver   Posted by geraldroliver Gold Member Donor ribbon awarded for his contribution to the 2017 fundraising

A general, generic topic



Came Back from Vacation

26-Jul-18 12:29 PM by danshep   Posted by danshep Gold Member

A general, generic topic



Attaching a Peak Design "Slide" to the Nikkor 200-500

25-Jul-18 10:40 PM by mikerofoto   Posted by Botchphoto Silver Member

A general, generic topic



Best all around lens for a trip to Cuba?

25-Jul-18 08:34 PM by Montereyman   Posted by redtees