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Nikon D850, D810, D800

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Please explain "downsizing"....

09-Feb-12 11:18 AM by Leonard62   Posted 09-Feb-12 10:20 AM by hollingwD80

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The Nikon D800 has an approximate 36MP file size.

09-Feb-12 10:18 AM by Baaker   Posted 09-Feb-12 08:49 AM by Baaker

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D800 High ISO performance

09-Feb-12 07:35 AM by Ned_L   Posted 08-Feb-12 05:43 PM by ericbowles Moderator Awarded for his in-depth knowledge and high level skills in various areas, especially Landsc... Writer Ribbon awarded for for his article contributions to the community Donor Ribbon awarded for his very generous support to the Fundraising Campaign 2015 Ribbon awarded as a member who has gone beyond technical knowledge to show mastery of the art a

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D800 versus the D4 (for someone who owns the D3S)?

08-Feb-12 09:17 PM by tommiejeep   Posted 08-Feb-12 08:43 AM by User

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(For Stan et al) Will D800 grab more HD data per frame,...

08-Feb-12 05:01 PM   Posted 08-Feb-12 05:00 PM by User

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D800 high ISO samples

08-Feb-12 01:17 PM by DMCdigitalmedia   Posted 08-Feb-12 11:05 AM by newbird Donor Ribbon awarded for his support to the Fundraising Campaign 2014

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D800 announcement would make best Birthday week ever!

08-Feb-12 01:14 PM by zumbado   Posted 04-Feb-12 09:37 PM by mwhals Silver Member

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Mansurovs Photography Compares the D700/D800 Specs

08-Feb-12 12:25 PM by Bob Chadwick   Posted 07-Feb-12 08:40 AM by Bob Chadwick Silver Member

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When will the D800 ship?

08-Feb-12 08:44 AM by PerroneFord   Posted 07-Feb-12 07:28 PM by mwhals Silver Member

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D800 sample images

08-Feb-12 06:11 AM by Baaker   Posted 08-Feb-12 01:17 AM by olivierrychner Gold Member  Awarded for his long standing high level of commitment to the Nikonians community and demon...

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which One

08-Feb-12 03:57 AM by makiru   Posted 07-Feb-12 07:24 AM by ohi

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Nikon D800 on order

07-Feb-12 07:00 PM by marvboater   Posted 07-Feb-12 04:22 AM by SolonPhotos7 Silver Member

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to alias and/or not to alias, the question for the D800...

07-Feb-12 03:03 PM by Leonard62   Posted 07-Feb-12 01:33 AM by steveZ Silver Member

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Can we talk about the Sensor?

07-Feb-12 10:46 AM by briantilley   Posted 07-Feb-12 09:58 AM by KoiGardenGuy

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D800 Has Landed

07-Feb-12 08:36 AM by Covey22   Posted 07-Feb-12 12:29 AM by User

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D800 Preview on dpreview

07-Feb-12 08:09 AM   Posted 07-Feb-12 08:09 AM by drbrog Gold Member

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B&H now taking orders for D800 and D800E...

07-Feb-12 07:14 AM by briantilley   Posted 07-Feb-12 06:21 AM by User

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It's here..

07-Feb-12 04:28 AM by briantilley   Posted 06-Feb-12 11:03 PM by davidd1833 Silver Member

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D800: Don't get your hopes up

07-Feb-12 04:27 AM by briantilley   Posted 29-Jan-12 08:25 PM by ZoneV Silver Member

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D800 to be announced on Feb 6th, late at night like D4.

04-Feb-12 11:52 AM by KnightPhoto   Posted 02-Feb-12 07:05 AM by emphoto

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D800 without anti-aliasing

27-Jan-12 01:42 PM by ericbowles   Posted 26-Jan-12 04:24 PM by Gator Bob

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D800 v. D4

27-Jan-12 12:11 AM by steveZ   Posted 01-Jan-12 01:07 PM by dougq

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D800 w/ & w/o AA Filter... What do you think??

20-Jan-12 03:30 PM by Philip Weber   Posted 19-Jan-12 01:49 PM by haysys Silver Member

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So... would you upgrade your D700 to a D800/D4?

16-Jan-12 12:35 AM by factotum   Posted 03-Jan-12 11:36 AM by User

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Need d800 forum "cough"

11-Oct-11 08:04 PM by Leonard62   Posted 03-Oct-11 05:02 PM by User

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any D800 rumors out there?

03-Aug-11 12:58 AM by GroovyGeek   Posted 05-Jul-11 02:53 PM by mtpeke Silver Member