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Black & White Film

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What is your favorite available B&W film (ISO 100-400)?

16-Nov-20 07:08 PM by madNbad   Posted 08-Sep-15 04:21 PM by spiritualized67 Silver Member Awarded for his high level of expertise in various areas, most notably in Street & Landscape...

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35mm Film Rolls

13-Jan-21 03:35 AM by MEMcD   Posted 02-Jan-21 09:45 AM by hbrail Gold Member Donor Ribbon awarded for his generous support to the Fundraising Campaign 2014

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Need a little advice

12-Jan-21 12:21 PM by wile e coyote   Posted 29-Jul-19 12:05 PM by kdhenryra Gold Member

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The Bikers

30-Dec-20 04:25 AM by artAlexion   Posted 26-Sep-16 10:52 PM by NiteSeer

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DF96 followup

01-Jul-20 08:53 PM by Matto   Posted 28-Jun-20 12:27 PM by dagoldst Gold Member

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Ferrania P30 and an Orange filter.

31-May-20 11:59 AM by dagoldst   Posted 22-May-20 03:39 PM by Dieter_Wilhelm Moderator Awarded for his wide variety of skills, a true generalist both in film and digital photography

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Completing the Set: HP5 in Caffenol

11-May-20 01:25 PM by dagoldst   Posted 10-Apr-20 11:52 AM by Strada_Facendo

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Ilford PanF in Caffenol C

28-Mar-20 03:05 AM by MEMcD   Posted 19-Mar-20 11:37 AM by Strada_Facendo

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Back into film.

28-Mar-20 03:02 AM by MEMcD   Posted 03-Mar-20 03:57 AM by User

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Septic tank chemical disposal concerns

21-Mar-20 01:56 PM by hank970   Posted 22-May-17 09:31 PM by JBOC

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First Attempt at Caffenol Development

11-Mar-20 12:07 PM by Strada_Facendo   Posted 25-Jan-20 07:00 AM by Strada_Facendo

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Negative readers

08-Mar-20 06:56 AM by Dieter_Wilhelm   Posted 26-Sep-19 07:04 PM by Jumpmaster

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Picture prints and enlargements

03-Feb-20 09:13 PM by SnickleFritz   Posted 07-Jan-20 07:50 AM by Vilasman Gold Member

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film processing

30-Sep-19 09:06 AM by mikav16   Posted 08-Sep-19 05:35 PM by geoffrey1

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Can a Dichroic Color Head be used for B&W Enlargements

10-Jun-19 08:31 AM by jcdonelson   Posted 17-May-19 10:47 PM by Gregory Braun

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Film Shooters?

13-May-19 04:08 PM by MEMcD   Posted 30-Dec-15 08:38 PM by ColColt Gold Member

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Tri-x simulation - digital scan

28-Mar-19 10:55 PM by LASousa   Posted 17-Mar-19 11:53 AM by TheBrushworker

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Processing Fuji Neopan Acros 100

19-Apr-18 11:20 PM by orftoden   Posted 26-Aug-16 09:53 PM by N80 Silver Member

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Kodak T-Max P3200 is back

26-Mar-18 07:49 PM by Kjshank2   Posted 23-Feb-18 09:39 PM by ZoneV Silver Member

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Question about pushing black and white film

24-Feb-18 01:23 PM by Lakeridge   Posted 23-Feb-18 10:15 AM by mel_klim Silver Member

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Very funny grain pattern

10-Feb-18 07:13 AM by Dieter_Wilhelm   Posted 17-Feb-17 06:33 PM by John Cerra Silver Member

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Processing Really old Verichrome Pan film

09-Feb-18 03:57 PM by Dieter_Wilhelm   Posted 09-Sep-17 11:26 PM by Oldmanjim

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B&W Control Film and developer

20-Jan-18 09:32 AM by henbo   Posted 14-Jan-18 07:23 PM by JHenryS Platinum Member Ribbon awarded for his support to the 2018 fundraising campaign

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Tri-X Response Curve

27-Sep-17 12:19 PM by Drbee   Posted 25-Sep-17 11:40 PM by Drbee

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B&W Film Suggestions for 120?

19-Sep-17 09:44 PM by Wingman   Posted 12-Jan-13 05:15 PM by snegron Silver Member

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FILM Ferrania P30

26-Aug-17 11:56 AM by Dieter_Wilhelm   Posted 15-Mar-17 11:29 PM by Holger Moderator Awarded for his excellent article contributions to the Resources. Awarded for his wide variety of skills, a true generalist both in film and digital photography.

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Plus-X 125 Developing Problems

20-May-17 12:19 AM by wile e coyote   Posted 14-Feb-10 08:11 PM by peggy

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Develop or Not?

04-May-17 11:48 PM by wile e coyote   Posted 14-Jul-15 10:25 PM by ColColt Gold Member

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Whites are gray. Any ideas?

04-May-17 11:35 PM by wile e coyote   Posted 16-Jan-17 07:01 PM by ricklea1953

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Tetenal Neofin Doku

22-Apr-17 11:33 AM by SorenHansen   Posted 22-Apr-17 08:20 AM by SorenHansen