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This is where you will find a wide variety of wildlife images. Share your wildlife images here and help others by learn by sharing technique, equipment usage, and the artistic aspects of Wildlife photography.
Moderators: dm1dave, Kipmm, jtmcg, BSchirm, glxman, JonK, dclarhorn
Sun 04-Dec-22 05:34 PM
RE: Bathed in Sunshi...
by massulo
31350 topics
351087 messages
This is where you will find all aspects of Landscape photography. Share your landscapes, cityscapes, seascapes, etc. Help others by learn by sharing technique, equipment usage, and the artistic aspects of Landscape photography.
Moderators: coolmom42, sevendayimages, DaveSoderlund, rosewood_ltd, jtmcg, Cavy2, dm1dave, BSchirm, ericbowles, elcee, JonK, ScottChapin
Sun 04-Dec-22 09:43 PM
RE: Ice statue at Di...
by mborgare
13350 topics
139150 messages
Micro, Macro & Close-up
This is where you we get close to our subjects. Share your Macro and Close-Up images and help others by learn by sharing technique, equipment usage, and the artistic aspects of Macro and Close-Up images
Moderators: dm1dave, coolmom42, sevendayimages, jtmcg, Cavy2, BSchirm
Sun 04-Dec-22 09:05 AM
RE: Mushroom Magic...
by Davidpeter1
11478 topics
97025 messages
This is the place for sports and action photography. Share your Images, equipment and technique about sporting events and their surroundings. Subjects included in this forum include athletes, riders, fans, cheerleaders, coaches, officials, other photogs, tailgate parties, bands, and victory celebrations.
Moderators: dm1dave, rmigliaccio, jtmcg
Sun 04-Dec-22 11:00 AM
RE: Texas A&M vs...
by jwk1940
8480 topics
64354 messages
Motor Sports
This is the place for Motor Sports Photography, share your images and the excitement of motor vehicles. Photos of cars, motorcycles, trucks, off-road vehicles, motor boats, etc., whether stationary or in motion. When tracking subjects at high speed, learn from the experts the tricks of the trade to achieve better results; inspire and be inspired in this forum.
Sun 04-Dec-22 10:08 PM
RE: Danville Concour...
by pqtrths
874 topics
5964 messages
PJ, PR & Street
The forum for Photojournalism, PR News and Street Photography. Share your images documenting events and your street photography images. Discuss related issues, from ethics to practice, gear and technique.
Moderators: sevendayimages, ajdooley
Fri 25-Nov-22 08:30 PM
RE: Capturing the Li...
by mklass
2309 topics
18459 messages
Stage, Clubs, Concerts & Nightlife
This is the forum to share your images you shoot in the smoky close-in venues, the wide angle of the opera or just a nice long tele, cropping the face of the star at the latest Rock show, or the neon lights of the night.
Moderators: JonK
Mon 31-Jan-22 03:17 AM
RE: First Concert in...
by ClarkJ
1083 topics
6484 messages
Architecture & Industrial Photography
Forum for urban architectural and industrial photography related topics. Share your urban architectural and industrial photography images and help others by learn by sharing technique, equipment usage, and the artistic aspects of urban architectural and industrial photography.
Moderators: MEMcD, DaveSoderlund
Sun 04-Dec-22 03:49 PM
RE: Lions Gate Bridg...
by Pics905
2392 topics
18501 messages
Weddings & Events
Forum for wedding and social events photography. Share your wedding and social events images and help others by learn by sharing technique, equipment usage, and the artistic aspects wedding and social event photography.
Moderators: elcee
Sun 06-Nov-22 07:49 PM
RE: To correct keyst...
by elcee
2996 topics
24433 messages
Glamour & Portrait, Studio & Still Life
This forum is for sharing images of glamour & portrait, commercial, studio and still life photography. Discuss related issues, technique, equipment, and gear. No nudes allowed.
Moderators: Martin Turner, sevendayimages
Sat 26-Nov-22 06:22 PM
RE: Too Long on the ...
by mklass
5353 topics
36956 messages
This is the place to discuss and share images of travel photography, locations and logistics. For Nikonians trips and tours and to organize local get-togethers and shoots, see the Nikonians Meet forum.
Moderators: dm1dave, BChrisRad, rosewood_ltd, Cavy2, BSchirm, Ned_L, ScottChapin
Sun 04-Dec-22 06:46 PM
RE: Papenburg...
by stlsailor
3209 topics
26045 messages
This forum is for Aviation photography. Share your photos of Airplanes, helicopters, dirigibles and balloons; hangars and airfields; pilots; airshows.
Moderators: ScottChapin
Thu 24-Nov-22 07:47 PM
RE: 737s in various ...
by mklass
1651 topics
13450 messages
Infrared & Ultraviolet
Everything related to the craft and art of Infrared and Ultraviolet Photography
Moderators: Cavy2, DaveSoderlund
Sun 04-Dec-22 07:47 AM
RE: Nunhead Cemetery...
by miltonpics
1610 topics
14020 messages
Panoramic image making, art and techniques, specific software and resulting photo sharing discussions. Max image pixel size suggested is 1280 pixels wide with a 300Kb file weight limit.
Mon 31-Oct-22 10:03 AM
RE: Albuquerque Inte...
by elcee
1391 topics
8243 messages
Underwater & Aquatic Life
We always thought Nikonians should have an underwater photography forum. Here it is. Enjoy.
Moderators: jrp
Sun 04-Sep-22 12:43 PM
RE: Sealife Aquarium...
by rbaskin
511 topics
2774 messages
Time-Lapse & Hyper-Lapse
Welcome to the Time-Lapse Photography forum. Take a look at [|this example]
Mon 22-Aug-22 04:57 PM
RE: Looking for Time...
by Obregon
207 topics
1306 messages
This is the forum to discuss shooting the moon, shooting the stars, star trails, and events such as eclipses, comets, etc. Welcome. Enjoy!
Sun 04-Dec-22 07:07 PM
RE: Tadpole Aquarium...
by gvk
1145 topics
9405 messages
Digital Artistry
Welcome to the Digital Artistry forum. This is the forum for significantly manipulated digitally for creative effect, whether made on film or on a digital camera and/or in post-processing. Intentional Camera Movement or ICM is of course included. You may post ... Just for sharing and general comments For comments on technique, the methods and/or software used For critique Just make sure to let readers know what is your wish.
Moderators: coolmom42, Cavy2, JonK
Sun 04-Dec-22 01:42 PM
RE: zoom burst and l...
by Second Hand Pat
1456 topics
11502 messages