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Nikon Z Cameras
In this forums we discuss Z model mirrorless cameras. Enjoy
Moderators: rosewood_ltd, ericbowles
Thu 21-Feb-19 09:40 AM
RE: AF Fine Tuning...
by grnzbra
319 topics
3038 messages
Nikon Df
Discussions about the Nikon Df camera, combining the historical with the cutting-edge
Moderators: JonK
Mon 04-Feb-19 09:01 AM
RE: Does buying a Df...
by Holger
353 topics
4720 messages
Nikon D5/D4/D3/D2/D1
Discussions about mastering the Nikon flagship D5, D4, D3, D2, D1 DSLR's in their various versions.
Moderators: rmigliaccio, MEMcD, Ned_L, alberte, esantos
Thu 14-Feb-19 01:00 PM
RE: CFexpress suppor...
by joebloogs
9967 topics
90594 messages
Nikon D850, D810, D800
Master your Nikon D800 series full frame DSLRs camera. This users group is here to assist you.
Moderators: MEMcD, JonK, esantos
Thu 21-Feb-19 07:03 AM
RE: D850-ES-2 Digiti...
by ctnorm7
4414 topics
52349 messages
Nikon D750/D700
The Nikon D750/D700 Full Frame (FX) DSLR Users Group is here to assist you.
Moderators: glxman, esantos
Wed 20-Feb-19 07:59 PM
RE: D750 First FF ? ...
by Shy Talk
4860 topics
51735 messages
Nikon D500
The Nikon D500 with 10fps, 20.9MP, 153 AF points and 4k UHD video is a killer in a sleek outfit. Enjoy the discussions & Have fun!
Moderators: MEMcD, dm1dave, elcee, esantos
Thu 21-Feb-19 05:24 AM
RE: D500 battery not...
by jaw111
977 topics
11766 messages
Nikon D7000 Series
Talk about the Nikon D7000 series Digital SLRs.
Moderators: dm1dave, Kipmm
Thu 21-Feb-19 09:32 AM
RE: Nikon D500 over ...
by MEMcD
4459 topics
46514 messages
Nikon D610 and D600
The Nikon D610 is in. Enjoy!
Moderators: ericbowles, ScottChapin
Thu 14-Feb-19 09:24 AM
RE: My D610 fell off...
by MEMcD
1190 topics
12584 messages
Nikon D5000/D3000 series
Talks about the Nikon D5000 and D3000 series Digital SLRs Great Image Quality plus HD Video with VR and Live View!
Moderators: JonK, James23p
Thu 21-Feb-19 09:54 AM
Remote shutter contr...
by NGattuccio
1868 topics
12756 messages
Nikon D300/D200/D100
Welcome to the Nikon D300, D200 and D100 Users Group who will help you master your camera. Enjoy.
Moderators: dm1dave, alberte, esantos
Fri 01-Feb-19 02:47 PM
RE: Nikon D300, SB 8...
by MEMcD
21405 topics
191339 messages
Nikon D90/D80/D70
Welcome to the Nikon D90/D80/D70 Users Group who will help you master your Nikon DSLR camera.
Moderators: James23p, dclarhorn
Sun 10-Feb-19 12:03 PM
RE: Nikon MD-D80 Mul...
by MEMcD
15950 topics
235318 messages
Nikon D60/D50/D40
Welcome to the Nikon D60/D50/D40 Users Group who will help you master your camera.
Moderators: James23p
Thu 03-Jan-19 07:10 AM
RE: Tethering a D50 ...
by R0ckburner
5984 topics
44451 messages
Nikon Coolpix Cameras
For all users of the cool Nikon Coolpixes, Nikon compact digital cameras from the most basic point & shoot, up to the fully feature loaded.
Moderators: James23p, ScottChapin
Sun 10-Feb-19 06:05 PM
by MEMcD
2657 topics
11939 messages
Nikon 1 Compact Cameras
The forum for discussions about the Nikon 1 mirrorless compact cameras, balancing speed, style and ease of use.
Moderators: dm1dave
Wed 06-Feb-19 07:55 PM
RE: Bite the dust?...
by LE49Wat
709 topics
5758 messages
Nikon F6/F5/F4
This is the forum for all users of the Nikon autofocus flagship film SLRs: the magical Nikon F4; the best ever built, the Nikon F5; and the last one and geatest of them all - the Nikon F6.
Moderators: Kilted_F3_nut
Mon 04-Feb-19 08:48 AM
RE: F4 auto focus â€...
by Indigo586
3038 topics
23484 messages
Nikon F100
Master your Nikon F100 AF film body, the Nikon F5's younger sister.
Moderators: benveniste
Sun 13-Jan-19 05:54 PM
RE: DX lens on a F10...
by benveniste
2029 topics
15871 messages
Nikon Autofocus Film Cameras
Everything on Nikon AF bodies (film, not digital) such as the F90, F/N70, F/N65, F/N55, F801/N8008 et al.
Moderators: James23p
Thu 21-Feb-19 07:06 AM
Minor Issue- F4S, Ba...
by ArthurJS1
5114 topics
41224 messages
Nikon Manual Film Cameras
Master your Manual Focus Film Nikon SLR such as the F, F2, F3, FM2, FM3a and the like cameras and/or Nikon rangefinders, like the SP, S1, S2, S3 plus compacts, like the Nikon One Touch and Lite Touch, 35Ti and 28Ti
Moderators: Kilted_F3_nut, James23p
Thu 21-Feb-19 06:29 AM
RE: My "new" FT3...
by napawino
4164 topics
42038 messages
Non-Nikon Cameras
This is the forum for those who may be currently using non-Nikon systems (cameras and lenses), however contemplating the move into the wonderful world of Nikon. If you want to post images made with non-Nikon cameras, this is the forum for you. Yes, we welcome Nikonians who are currently Canon users too ;-)
Moderators: James23p
Wed 20-Feb-19 06:43 PM
Woody between the 12...
by Aperture_Don
3111 topics
22711 messages