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Ask any question on photography

No question is too dumb! Ask a photography-related question and get answers from seasoned professionals and ambitious amateur photographers in our community of experienced photographers and imaging pros.


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Since the year 2000 we are helping ambitious amateurs and seasoned professionals on anything photography and Nikon. Support is just a few mouse-clicks (keystrokes) away and the vast Nikonians knowledgebase is right at your fingertips. Here in the community there is always someone knowledgeable available to help and guide you.

You can access our basic articles and our forums for free. We are advertising-free and tracker-free, providing premium articles for learning (available on Silver level starting at $3.90 USD), dedicated advice & critique forums, webinars, photo assignments, photography contests and more.

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How to post a question in the forums


How-to post a question in the forums

1. Register as a member for a new account & login
2. Select "Forums" in the main menu to go to the forum area
3. Select a forum matching your question, e.g. if you have a question regarding your Nikon D850 camera, chose the 
Nikon D850, D810, D800 forum in the MASTER YOUR NIKON CAMERA  area
4. Click the button "Post new message"
5. Optionally, select topic type "I need help"
6. Enter the main issue you have as the subject, e.g. "D850 autofocus problem"
7. Enter the message itself. If you have the "Subscribe to this topic" enabled for your message, you will be informed via email when there are replies to your question
8. Click the button "Post message"
That's it. 

In-depth camera information

Camera questions and answers are posted in the Master Your Camera area

All there is to know about lenses

Lens-related questions, with a lot of detailed answers, are posted in the Master Your Lenses area

Photo accessories questions and answers

Photo accessories such as tripods, lights, printers, scanners and computers are discussed in the Master your tools area

Software, post-processing or workflow question

Software, workflow and accessories questions are posted in our Post-processing and workflow section.
In addition to that, if you are using Adobe products make sure you don't miss our Adobe Resource Page.

Ask a photographer

If you need help online and want to ask a photographer, post your question in the About Nikonians forum. We will do our best to answer you promptly.
If you require a photographer for a shoot, then please post that in the Photographer Wanted forum.
If you are a professional photographer, or you are planning your career and want to become a professional, the Going Pro Forum is a good start. 


Forum overview

Here is a list of all of our forums in which you can ask your questions.

If you are a beginner, here is an overview of articles and forums for you.

If you need more help about Nikonians, see this.



Ballet Dancer in Bratislava by Pascal Baetens

A ballet dancer in the city of Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia, by Pascal Baetens.
Not only do you get help with composition or gear questions, you also get help on when to break the rules.


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