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Nikonians Webinars on Nikon & Photography

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The Nikonians Webinars with interviews, tips & tricks, how-to's and lots more on photography and Nikon are available to all Nikonians on Silver membership or higher.


Marsel van Oosten in webinar

From the webinar held 14-JAN-2021 with Marsel van Oosten


Upcoming live webinars

TBA - Nikon Z8 with Nikon USA



Webinar video archive

Getting the most out of older gear - Sports photography with Victor Newman
08-JUN-2023 7:00 PM EDT

Best of Nikonians 2022 - Announcing the winners with Dave Summers, Eric Bowles and JRP (plus some anonymous online cat!)
28-MAR-2023 7:00 PM EDT

Sports Photography/Boston Red Sox with their Manager of Photography, Billie Weiss
30-AUG-2022  7:00 PM EDT

Nikon Z9 AutoFocus with Paul Van Allen and Mike Lopez
Video not available due to content rights
09-AUG-2022 7:00 PM EDT

Portrait and Event Photography with Ronald Pollard
26-JUL-2022 7:00 PM EDT

(Motor) Sports Photography with Victor Newman
08-JUN-2022 07:00 PM EDT
Best of Nikonians 2021 with Dave Summers
22-MAR-2022 07:00 PM EST

Nikon Z9 Button and Q&A tour with Alex Rhea and Paul Van Allen
Video no longer available due to content rights
08-MAR-2022 07:00 PM EST

Macro Photography with Mike Moats
22-FEB-2022 07:00 PM EST

Travel Photography in the real world
The Image Doctors Rick Walker and Jason Odell
27-JAN-2022 07:00 PM EST

Communicating with your images with Ami Vitale
Video no longer available due to content rights
14-DEC-2021 07:00 PM EST

Nikon Z9 Q&A with Mark Cruz (Nikon USA)
01-DEC-2021 07:00 PM EST

Webinar with Steve Perry - Wildlife action photography
27-OCT-2021 07:00 PM EDT

Webinar with Ron Rosenstock - Fine Art Black & White Photography
28-SEP-2021 04:00 PM EDT

Webinar with Kristi Odom - Putting more emotion into your wildlife photography
15-SEP-2021 07:00 PM EDT

Webinar with Mike Mezeul - Landscape Photography - Documenting Nature's Most Powerful Storms
17-AUG-2021 07:00 PM EDT

Webinar with Dave Black
29-JUL-2021 07:00 PM EDT

Webinar with Rick Hulbert
14-JUL-2021 07:00 PM EDT

The Art of Bird Photography - Webinar with Arthur Morris
15-JUN-2021 04:00 PM EDT

Webinar with Julieanne Kost - Improve your photography workflow with Lightroom and Adobe
18-MAY-2021 07:00 PM EDT

Nikon Studio NX with Vincent Versace (FREE)
04-MAY-2021 07:00 PM EDT

Webinar with Vincent Versace
08-APR-2021 07:00 PM EDT

Best of Nikonians 2020 Photo Contest
18-MAR-2021 07:00 PM EDT

Webinar with Tony Sweet
16-FEB-2021 07:00 PM EST

Webinar with Marsel van Oosten
14-JAN-2021 10:00 AM EST

Webinar with Michelle Valberg on the Nikon Z6ii and Z7ii
08-DEC-2020 07:00 PM EST



Webinar FAQs

Can I ask my question during the webinar?

Yes, you can use the chat in the Zoom application to post your question to the panelists, but it is not guaranteed that we can raise your question. Best is to post your question up front in the Webinar Forum.

How do I get the Zoom application installed?

Visit Zoom and install the application up front. Test the audio prior joining the live event. If you have a problem to login to the live webinar, try with closing the application and start it again.

Why are all participants muted in the webinar?

To make sure there is no interference in the webinar, we are muting all participants at the beginning and only the panelists are able to chime in via audio. With several hundred participants it is not possible to have audio enabled for all of us.

Are the Nikonians webinars and recordings available to basic members?

Nope. We are providing the webinars as a service to our supporting members being on a paid membership. Remember, we are advertising free and the only income the community has to sustain its operation is based on membership fees. Sign up and upgrade to at least Silver today to support your community.

Will there be a recording of the webinar?

Yes, a few days after the live event there will be a recording for you to enjoy. It will be made available on the dedicated webinar page for the specific webinar in question - see list above.

Can I share the video recording with others?

No, you shouldn't. It is only intended for you personally as a s supporting member in the community.

Why these crazy hours for the live event?

It is hard for us to win this one... We are a global community and try to make it as convenient as possible for our guests who are professionals, often working/living in the US. We will run the live webinar at an hour that suits them, e.g. early evenings US east coast time. This is then midnight or later in e.g. Europe where we have many members as well and probably some other "impossible time" in Asia or the Pacific. For all of you who cannot make it to the live event: Make sure you get your questions posted up front in the webinar forum and then enjoy the video recording, typically available a few days after the live event.

Who is sponsoring the webinars?

Hunt's Photo and Video are making it possible for us to run this webinar series (they are carrying the direct costs of the webinars, the other operational costs around the webinars are carried by the community). Hunt's are further providing the participants of the webinars with special deals on Nikon.

How can I recommend someone for a webinar to be a guest?

Post your recommendation in the Webinar Forum.


Have a question?

If you want to give us feedback, have a general question or a question you specifically want us to ask in an upcoming webinar, go ahead and post that in our Webinar Forum


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