Even though we ARE Nikon lovers,we are NOT affiliated with Nikon Corp. in any way.

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Privacy policies

Our privacy policies (updated 05-APR-2018)

We know it's very important that each user feels confident in our privacy policies, hence we have compiled this privacy statement. Should you have any questions about our privacy policies or our terms of use, please do not hesitate contacting us.

1. As a visiting user of any of our sites (nikonians.org with subdomains and nikoscope.com), we collect the following information: Access date & time, type of browser, country, domain name, IP address, which page is viewed and the approximate time the page is being viewed. A cookie is stored in your browser supporting us in this analysis. There is no correlation between this data and your user name. The data collected is anonymous and is not shared with any third party. This information is used for improving the content and design of our sites.

2. By visiting Nikonians.org, a cookie will be stored in your browser to support forum related settings such as last read message. Nikonians.org may not provide full functionality if this cookie cannot be stored, specifically login to forums may not be possible.

3. If you have enabled the Nikonians.org feature "Automatically login when I return" (See My profile > Preferences > Community Settings), a cookie will be stored in your browser to allow you to automatically login to the community.

4. If you click on any link on our sites or in our newsletters, we collect the access date & time and IP address. In newsletters we also collect the subscription email address in use. This information is not related to your username in any way.

5. If you register as a member, we store your username, your full name, a password, state & country, email address, IP address used for registration and browser type.

6. If you fill out your user profile, which is optional, we store that information as well. The data in the profile can only be seen by other registered members. No one can see your email address, except administrators.

7. If you post a message in our forums, we store the IP address at the time you did the post. Only administrators can see this IP address.

8. If you post a comment in the galleries, we store and show the IP address at the time of the comment. Any visitor can see this IP address.

9. As a registered member, you will receive emails from us. These emails pertain directly to the community. If you don't want to receive any emails from our community, use the link in the email. For some emails, using this link equals to removing your account.

10. If you subscribe to message threads in forums or to our newsletters, you will automatically receive emails. You can unsubscribe to these messages or newsletters at any time by following the directions in the email.

11. If you request to be informed about answers on a message posted by you, you will automatically receive emails containing those answers. You can always change your settings and disable such emails in your profile.

12. We are advertising free and do not serve any advertisements. No advertising tracking is used.

13. We do not sell or give away any user information to any other party. If you participate in any of our surveys, results from the statistical analysis of anonymized data (that is, bundled and stripped of names) is not shared with any third parties and only used by us to improve our services.

14. You must use your real first and last name when registering at Nikonians. Accounts not using real first and last name will be deleted. If you have strong incentives for not revealing your real name, you should contact us, best if prior to registering and we will help you. We have this real name policy since we launched in April 2000. The reason is that members automatically are more moderate when using a real name.

15. If you, as a member of Nikonians.org, are inactive for a longer period of time, your account will be deactivated. A deactivated account is not deleted, but the account profile is no longer shown and other members are no longer able to communicate with you via your account. Gallery images related to a deactivated account are still shown. Such a deactivated account can be activated at any time, by you, by using the reactivation link available on the login screen at Nikonians.org. If you want to delete your deactivated account, contact us.

16. You have the possibility and right to delete your own account at any time. You can delete your account by requesting it in your profile. When you delete your account, the data related to your account will be removed from view immediately. The account will be permanently deleted after some time. If you cannot access your account and want it deleted, please contact us and we will help you.

17. You have the possibility to remove any of your images in the galleries by yourself. Use the functions available in the galleries.

18. You have the possibility and right to either a) keep or b) delete an account of a deceased family member at any time. Contact us for help and prepare relevant documents to prove your identity and the identity of the deceased.

19. We do not store any credit card details. Even if you have set up your account for automatic renewal (subscription), we do not store any credit card data. Data required for processing your credit card is stored in the EU according to general data protection regulations and processed by the vendors 1&1 GmbH, EVO Payments International GmbH, PayPal (Europe) S.à r.l. et Cie, S.C.A. and  American Express Payment Services Limited.

20. Data residing at our sites (nikonians.org with subdomains and nikoscope.com) is stored in the EU according to EU general data protection regulations and these sites are operated by Nikonians EMEA Ltd, Germany. This data is not shared outside of the EU except for 1) When you request a photographer's card ID to be produced, the data required to produce the photographer's card ID including the postal address for shipping will be shared with the vendor of the card, which is a US based vendor. 2) If you log in to the separate site NikoniansAcademy.com, a US based site as stated under #21, authentication related data is validated against our data.

21. Data residing at the NikoniansAcademy.com site is stored in the US according to US data privacy laws and the site is operated by Nikonians North America, Inc. USA. By logging in to NikoniansAcademy.com, your authentication and membership level will be verified against Nikonians.org - No other data is transfered between the entities.

22. All data sent between your browser and our sites is securely transported, encrypted using TLS (wikipedia info)

23. You can request an export of your data kept by us by contacting us.