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Sharing images with your clients

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You can use your Nikonians Gallery for photo sharing and proofing with your clients and others. You can share links to individual images, to single albums or to your whole gallery. You can allow ZIP download of a complete album and you can have private albums, only accessible with an album-specific passsword.

Your Nikonians Gallery is available to you at no charge, whereas the collaboration features, including private albums, ZIP upload & download and RAW file support are available on Platinum and Gold level, starting at $75 USD per year.

Your Nikonians Gallery can host a large number of images (and videos) and depending on your needs you can select the membership level that is right for you. On the highest level, Platinum, there is no limit on the number of images you can store.

In addition to the regular image file formats, such as JPG and PNG, it is possible to store NEF, DNG and TIFF images on the higher membership levels. Upload is easy with drag & drop of files and you can upload complete ZIP archives with a large number of images at once.


When a client views an image of yours, she can communicate with you using the chat/message on the right side of the image.

When your client makes a new comment, rating or tagging an image with the "heart" icon, you will be notified to make it easy for you to respond.

To share images, start with creating one or more gallery albums

In the "Galleries" menu select "My Albums" to start creating albums.


Create the albums you require using the "Create a New Album" link.


Setting "Is Album Private?" to "Yes" makes the album private, ensuring that only you and your client can access it.


Once the album is created, you can use the "Edit" link in the album overview to edit its settings.



On the Album edit page, enable the "Allow ZIP downloads?" for an album to allow clients that have been granted access to it (knowing the album password) to download either individual images or all of the images in the album at once.
Private albums are password protected and the system automatically sets one for you. You can easily generate a new password for a private album.

Upload your images into your new album

Each file can be up to 100MB large and you can pack multiple images into single ZIP file for easier upload. You can also use the software application Nikonians Uploader for Mac if you are a Mac user to further speed-up the process (Admin note 30-MAR-2019: We will release a new version available for Windows and Linux as well in the second half of 2019)

To upload images into your Nikonians Gallery, select "Upload Photos" in the "Galleries" menu.


Image upload screen

You can upload individual image files or a complete ZIP archive containing multiple images at once.

In the upload window: Select the files you want to upload, give them a common title and description plus you select the destination where they shall be stored: In your public gallery, in an album of yours or in one of the public "Master Your Vision" categories. For sharing images with clients you would want to use a private album.

You can upload up to 20 individual images at the time, each max 100 MB and there are no practical pixel limitations. You can also combine multiple images into a single ZIP file, max filesize 100 MByte and you can even upload multiple ZIP files at once.

For images JPG, PNG, GIF, NEF, DNG and TIFF formats are supported. 

Click the "Upload" button at bottom of page once the pre-processing of the images has been done and the button is enabled. The uploaded images will show as small thumbnails, each clickable to show the final version at the bottom of the screen and the button "My Photos" will take you to your gallery.


Visiting the album

There are buttons located at the top of your gallery: Use the "Share album" button to get a short link to share with your client.

The buttons at the top of the album allows all images to be downloaded as ZIP (if enabled) and to share the images of that specific album using a short link.

Clicking on the "Share album" button and a sharing dialog shows.
Click on the icon to the right of the short URL to copy the URL to the clipboard for further sharing in other applications and with your client.

Once the shared link is accessed, a password entry is requested when anyone tries to access an image located in a password protected album.


Viewing & downloading JPG's

When a client is viewing images you have shared, she can download them and view them in different sizes.


In the bottom left corner, a small "Share icon"is shown and if ZIP download is enabled for an album, an image from that album can be downloaded individually using the "Download" button.

Viewing & downloading NEF, DNG or TIFF images

When you are viewing raw files or TIFF's, JPG representations of these images are created "on the fly". The original file is also accessible and can be downloaded via a small icon below the image.


Under NEF, DNG or TIFF images an additional icon is shown for direct download of the original file.
If the image is located in an album with download enabled, a download button (for JPG download) is shown under it as well.

When clicking on the image or by using the link "Show large image", a separate window opens with a chat area.
Move the mouse over the image and additional actions can be taken, such as tagging the image with a "like" or viewing it at different resolutions. 


Include images in your public Nikonians Portfolio

By using the button "Include to portfolio" shown under each of your images, you can select individual images to be included and shown in your public portfolio. Images in your private albums cannot be selected for inclusion in your portfolio.


The portfolio of Eric Bowles. See his complete portfolio





Need help to get going with your Platinum or Gold account?

Just contact us and we will make sure you are all set.

Need more help on using your Nikonians Gallery?

We have a detailed guide in our wiki.