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General Team

Who we are

The Community for Nikon® Users

You are reading the introduction page about Nikonians. See also the index of all "about" pages.

No matter if you are a beginner, intermediate photographer, advanced amateur or professional, be most welcome and join our community (which is totally free on the basic level and we have no ads). We are the home on the net for all Nikon shooters since the year 2000 (yes, we turned 20 in 2020!)

Our mission is that together we make photography better. Doing what we love, together with others, is the best way to grow and much more joyful than just doing it by our own. The purpose of our community is to ensure that our members lives become richer, more fulfilling through photography, getting a deeper purpose.

The community has many talented members, some are in official roles as team members whereas others are not, but we are all doing our very best to be helpers and friends. Our volunteers and staff are constantly working on keeping our home a tidy, friendly, non-religious, non-political and courteous place to visit and to hang out.



When we are offline

We are doing what we love, also when we are offline.
Model: Eric Bowles (ericbowles). Photographer: Mike Pastore (Aviatorbumm).
Lighting & Ambience: Gaia


We are not-for-profit, independent and have no advertising. This means we have the freedom to be open and honest, with no hidden agendas, no paid content and there is no user tracking for serving ads or other analytical software storing what you are looking at.

We keep the lights on 24/7/365 thanks to all of our volunteers, members on a paid membership and our great supporters helping us in our fundraising activities.


"You guys run probably the best forum organization I have seen! Don't change a thing!"
-- Fernando Ortega, USA


Did you get help at Nikonians?

Please spread the word about this friendly community of Nikon shooters with colleagues, family and friends. And, if you are not on a paid membership yet, please do upgrade and if you can, participate in our latest fundraising. By doing so, you ensure that we can continue helping you and others. Thank you!

All of our pages are using latest SSL (TLS) security and we are compliant with the stringent data protection regulations of the European Union ("EU GDPR"). This means you can e.g. easily request complete downloads of all your data including images from Nikonians to transport elsewhere, should you desire to do so.


"I just stumbled across this site only a few hours ago, got excited with all the resources and helpful
people on the forums that I had to sign up and maybe get a email address!"
-- Matthew Fong, USA


A richer, more fulfilling life

You are an amateur, semi-pro or pro photographer or videographer and you

  • Need answers to your photography questions
  • Need information about certain gear
  • Want critique and feedback on your images
  • Need more exposure of your work
  • Simply want to expand your network and make new friends
  • Get together with likeminded photographers
  • Plan your next great photo trip

...then you have come to the right place: Let Nikonians become your community as well.


I just upgraded my membership from Gold to Platinum even though I just renewed my gold membership a few weeks ago. You still get credit for the remaining part of your original membership on a pro rata basis... so if you want to upgrade now you can.
Thank you to Nikonians and it's volunteers and staff!
- Gary Feinberg, USA


Time to move on from simply "being a Nikon User"

Become a Nikonian. Be a part of the community and signup for a membership


Image from one of our ANPATs in Alaska. Taken by Albert Esschendal

Move on from simply being a Nikon User and become a Nikonian. Signup for a membership.
Image by Albert Esschendal (alberte)


Independent of Nikon

We are proud of being independent and we are getting 0 (zero, zilch, nada, nothing) from Nikon Corporation for doing this: There is no relation between us.

We love their products, but we are critical users and we raise a unified voice when factual issues arise.


Contact Information

You can get in touch with us online. We are answering all of the emails we receive, but pretty please make sure our reply to you is not caught in some spam filter.


Further reading

Getting started in the community

The history of Nikonians, the beta users plus a detailed timeline and its two founders

Press room for visiting journalists

Proud to be a Nikonian Program

Awards Nikonians has won & testimonials


Just wanted to say a big "thank u" to those volunteers that make this site run. I've been around here for a long time, but mostly passive until a few years ago.
A Gold membership will be the best money u ever spent and is a bargain compared to a Z9.  I've learned more here than all the other foto-specific forums or sites (including YouTube or my brief membership with Kelby) combined. It's really not even close.
I will not be renewing my Gold membership next spring. Rather, it is entirely worth it to me to go Platinum and financially support the site that has given me so much since 2008. I made this decision a while back.
...and as if on cue, one of the small but really nice perks arrived in the mail yesterday. The Nikonians ID card. Very nicely and tastefully done, not a cheap laminated piece of heavy stock a hand-addressed envelope and a really nice note from the site founders included.
Attention to detail, the little things, and a reinforced sense of community mean a lot to me these days..and I suspect to others too, especially those of us who frequent some of the other photo forums out there.
Thanks again, Nikonians community and the volunteers who keep this site so very much worth visiting on a daily basis.
-- Sean Warner, USA


The finer print -- Legal

For the operations of the community; and

Nikonians GmbH
Dögginger Str. 1, 78183 Hüfingen, Germany


For the operations of the independent unit

Nikonians North America, Inc.
4224 Florida Avenue, Suite 5, Kenner, LA 70065, USA

No data is exchanged between the two entities.


Disclaimer regarding links

We are not responsible for any linked content located on any other web sites. Legal content linking notice in German: Aufgrund des Urteils vom Landesgericht Hamburg vom 12. Mai 1998 sind die Betreiber einer Homepage gegebenenfalls verantwortlich für die Inhalte externer verlinkter Seiten. Aus diesem Grund distanzieren wir uns an dieser Stelle ausdrücklich von den Inhalten aller von uns verlinkten externen Seiten.


Nikonians and NikoScope are registered trademarks and THE NIKONIAN is a trademark, owned by Nikonians GmbH
Nikkor and Nikon are trademarks owned by Nikon Corporation. Our community is not related or affiliated in any way to Nikon Corporation nor to any of its subsidiaries and/or affiliates.