Even though we ARE Nikon lovers,we are NOT affiliated with Nikon Corp. in any way.

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Fundraising 2017

Dancer, flying. Copyright Pascal Baetens

Here at Nikonians we are all working together to achieve mastery in our photography. We know that only through our continuous dedication, staying strongly focused on learning, we will achieve our goal of mastering the art of photography.

We know that learning is easier and more fun together, letting us inspire each other and share our joy, and sometimes pain.

With your support, we can improve the learning experience further. For the period of summer 2017 through spring 2018, we are improving the way we can share our photographs and how we manage them in the community. Any amount is helpful. Our sincere thanks to our latest supporters:

Michael Humber, September 25 ($100.00), Bob Bakker, September 23 ($50.00), Jim Tubman, September 21 ($50.00), Marsha Edmunds, September 21 ($50.00), Broadway Bob, September 20 ($50.00)




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