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We only do accept private websites owned by Nikonians, that is, you must be a member of the Nikonians community prior to registering your site in the Nikonians webring and we do not accept commercial listings. Failure to comply with our terms of use prior to registering, will make your site not to be included.

Your site will only be accepted after you have included the HTML code which is sent to you via email upon registration of your site. This webring HTML code must be completely included on the same page you registered for ring inclusion.

If you want to add your site to the Official Nikonians Webring, go here: Add my site.

If you're a webmaster who have already registered your site, you can edit your site info and get your customized HTML code which must be included on your site right here: Site admin.

If you have questions, please contact the Webring Master.

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