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Nikon D2X - Exposure Bracketing

Darrell Young (DigitalDarrell) on October 24, 2005

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With digital photography you can see the results of your exposures right away. But, since the image viewing LCD is backlit, your images may appear a bit brighter than they really are. You can use the histogram to make sure your exposures are accurate, or you can be even safer with exposure bracketing.

Nikon D2x



The Nikon D2x is especially flexible in this area, providing controls for bracketing the exposure, flash, and white balance. Since virtually the same method is used for all three, with only the variance of Custom Setting e5, one can use the same controls and method to set any of the bracketing systems.

In review, "bracketing" is the method whereby one takes an exposure at the suggested meter reading, and then one or more images under or over exposed. By using bracketing, one almost guarantees that at least one exposure will be exactly right. With digital you can afford to take the extra exposures, so why not? ,,

In Figure 1 below, please notice that the default setting for Custom Setting e5 is “AE & Flash” which means that if you don't change it, both AE (Auto Exposure) and Flash exposure bracketing will be set when you adjust the camera's bracketing controls. That is what we will discuss in this D2x Tip.


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